One Night Stand – A Foreign Diplomat

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I was surfing and as a avid reader, I always download novels and keep on browsing for new stuffs. While doing so,I checked my email in which I had a notification from social networking site of Russia. You guys must be wondering what the heck this guy doing on russian social network.

While doing my higher studies in us, I had friend from russia so he opened the account for me which is same as facebook. I checked and replied to him on that site, we chatted for a 20 min. Then I thought to search for girls from mumbai lets see anyone is there.

I went through some of the profiles but they weren’t showing recent updates so I went to discussion group. Luckily there I found a post which was posted a hour ago.

It was written that, “looking for one night stand and number displayed. “ it was in russian then I simply entered the digits to my phone and checked is the person is there on whatsapp.

There I found a whatsapp and I buzzed it. Saying hi for a while there was no response.

It was in the afternoon, after 10 min I got a reply saying hello. Then I said I got your number from so and so site.

I introduced myself and I asked about her. Her name is regina from uk.I asked whats your age to which she said I more elder to you, then I insisted again to which she said 39 yrs white lady. She asked me what I do and we were just chatting normally. I asked what you do, she said she and her husband both are an foreign diplomats.

For a moment I was taken back and ll fear went through my body. I was trying to being casual, so she asked me for my pic, I sent and too which she replied saying cute. I too asked her for the pic, she also sent the pic.

I tell you guys, in the pic only you can fantasize about her, such a beautiful and gorgeous lady.

Perfect body and enough flesh at each part of her curves. She was gym freak and vegetarian, you can imagine how she must be looking. As all this came know we were chatting.

So far there was nothing in my mind about sharing bed with her. In the evening I asked whats her plan? To which she said her friends where coming over to meet her.

I wanted to move the conversation to next level, I asked how many kids do she have, 2 boys they were in uk studying in school. Husband he travels to and fro for the summits and general board meeting, etc. She also does travels with him sometimes.

During the husband topic came up she was sounding low, I quickly asked what happened, she kept on saying nothing. I sensed there’s something wrong, I keep on insisting her please don’t be sad, you can share with me. Then she opened up saying her husband is dating someone else and he doesn’t much interest towards her, they were just together for their children.

In between she was saying I want to take revenge on my husband by doing the same, sleeping with someone else. I tried to console her don’t do like that it’s not good. Still she was badly hurt I felt that, when she came to know about hubby cheating with her.

After a while the talk ended and it was dinner time, I simply messaged her asking have you had your dinner?She said I had only salad. It was around 11 pm I asked did your friends went or still there with you, I hope I haven’t disturbed you. She said no you didn’t. We were talking tits and bits on some topics which is not relevant.

Around 1 am we were talking I was mesmerizing about her suddenly the devil inside me started poking me, why wasting time. Let’s get in, I said I would met you today, oh sorry for that sam, maybe next time we can meet she said. I was getting more tensed, I asked wouldn’t you like to me, to which she said I would love to meet you. I immediately said then lets meet now, she was hesitant, later said can you come now, I readily said don’t worry I ll be there in 30 min.

As she was not far from my place, so I got dressed and when to medical shop to get a pack and left to her place. Meanwhile she messaged me her address. I saw the locality I knew there gonna be security as she diplomat.

So I said can you come down to receive me, otherwise there gonna problem with security.

After I got down I was shocked for a while looking at her, I paid off the cab and greeted her.

The securities were just looking at me,I bit scared still the fear and excitement couldn’t let me back off. There were cameras all over the building and each and every section of it, so everything can monitored by the securities. Forgot to mention she was wearing a shorts and loose t-shirt. Her thighs were shinning and can make out she had nicely waxed her body.

We entered the lift and haven’t talked anything, we reached and entered the house. The house was very well decors. I sat on a sofa, she got me water. I was sweating too which she said you have shower if you want. I said I will just cleanse and I’ll be back.

I got cleanse and came back. We were casually talking about movies,serials,travel diaries. Then I asked her about her hubby, suddenly why he’s dating someone else, again she got emotional and was just about to cry, I hold her hand and sat in front of her.

I consoled her saying don’t be sad, I was caressing her, she liked the way I handled her and bought a glass of water. I didn’t see the time it was around 3 am. She said she’s feeling sleepy, lets sleep. She went to bedroom, I followed her. The room was dimmed with just a show piece lamp and filled with flowers aroma.

She was undressing herself, I stood and was staring at her, she has taken her t-shirt and shorts, wearing black bra and pink panty.

She unhooked her bra, oh gosh they just sprung out like a spring, as if they were arrested for a life time, the aerola was correct proportioned to her boobs, I guess her stats were roughly 34-30-34. She pulled her panty and walked to the bed and laying under the blanket. I was getting aside her she said you don’t wanna take out your clothes. I just took off my clothes within few seconds. I got into the blanket.

We were staring at each other for a minute, then she broke the ice, my slowly bringing her lips near my lips, we smooched for 10 minutes. She was sucking my lower lips and I was playing with her tongue, we exchanged salivas and couldn’t stop.

At the same time I was fondling with her boobs with one hand and one hand on her back. She got hold of my neck with a grip kissing wildly. She loved the mint taste of my mouth, I went on her neck and started kissing and slowly hissing like snake with my tongue and moving downwards she was moaning like any, aaaah aaah aaahaaaa. Same time pressing her boobs such a soft melons I haven’t felt that feeling, since long.

Then I started sucking her boobs like kid, she kept on moaning she just surrendered herself and didn’t care what I was doing, she kept her eyes closed and I was moving my hands from top to bottom. With one hand pinching her nipple and other sucking it.

My dick was already saluting since we were kissing.

I went down to her love hole, it was clean shaven, I placed my hand over there just to feel the warm from her body, she was wet already and juice was oozing out from there. I inserted index finger slowly she moaned ll louder, as she haven’t had sex since a year. It was not too tight but then I inserted two fingers it was now getting tight and I can feel her muscles were contracting with the tightness.

I always wanted to finger fuck, so started moving my fingers in and out, I increased the speed and kept fingering her for 5 minutes she was saying sam please enter I can’t wait any longer please let me feel you, she was begging me.

I wanted to tease her and let her crave more, so I fucked her boobs pressing both the melons close and moving my tool up and down. I was about to cum and with a force I just release on her boobs. She felt the warm and cleaned herself with a tissue.

Then begging me to dig her up, my gained my erection within few minutes as I was playing around with her boobs and fingering.

I placed my tool on her love hole, we were in missionary position and inserted my tool slowly she moaned loudly, oh my god oh my, I kept thrusting slowly in and out, she was saying fuck me sam make me your wife take me yeah yeah yeah yeah faster faster, I increased my pace and kept thrusting after 15 minutes I was about to climax.

I whispered in her ears saying babe I am about to cum, and started kissing her at the same time. It was making me more hornier by her moans. She had her orgasm and was shivering and in mean course I cum inside her. We cleaned ourselves and were laying down on bed.

Early morning I had to leave back home, so I woke her up and we had a quick session. I kissed and left. She texted me in the morning saying, it was a nice and delicate sex I ever had.

I came through some encounters, guys remember girls and ladies don’t always look for a hardcore sex, they do like delicate sex too. Not necessary you should lick pussy and make her suck your dick, that depends person to person.

And one more thing, a average guy can also get a bombshell, it’s just the way you take it and moreover your sense of humour which drives women towards you.

Alright let me convey my regards to all of ya, if any mistakes please forgive.

Hoping for your lovable and valuable feedbacks and comments on the sex story.

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Till then adios amigo

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