Me And My Mum’s Friend

Hi DesiTales, readers. My name is Sameer and I am from hyderabad. This sex story is between me and my mum’s friend which happened few years ago. Mum’s friend was named kamseen, aged about 30 with a worth looking assets. And thank you all for the lovely stories. Hope you guys will like my story. If anybody is interested can get in touch with me : [email protected]

Let me start the story. It happened when I was in intermediate. It was summer vacation I guess, we had a new neighbour. It was a family or four in which there was a lady named kamseen, her husband and two kids. Who later became my mum’s friend and I got a luck to fuck her. They moved in to the house next to our house.

After few days my mum and kamseen became friend as we all know that neighbours become quick friends. She used to visit our home frequently and my mum used to send me to her house for any general requirement. One day when I wasn’t well, did not went to college and stayed home as to take rest. Kamseen came to my home as she comes generally. Mum said about me and she got bit worried, she came near me and asked me about my health. I was half sleep and wasn’t responding to her.

She bends down and started checking my temperature. I suddenly opened my eyes !!! As she was bend my eyes straight away went into her breast. What a melons….. I could see a good view of her boobs util she realised it and stayed back. I was charged on and started thinking about her. I started to think all about having sex with her and sucking those melons.

I was trying my hard to touch her, was not missing a single chance to visit her house as to full fill my desire. One fine day…. The day of luck came. Her husband and kids went to attend a function at her in law, she could not visit due to some personal issues.

It was sunday and it was a holiday for me. I planned to visit her house. I went to her house and kamseen was doing her house hold job. I went in and started watching tv. She then called me for a help. I went to her and she said could plz get me that box down. I did for her and she said thanks. She then continued her house hold stuff. I was just watching her…….

Then I gathered some courage and hugged her from behind. I started kissing on her neck and pressing her boobs. She started shouting, I turned her around and stated kissing. She tried hard to make her self free but I was holding her tight. She then pushed me away from her and started screaming.

I stopped her and begged her not to shout or scream. I said I am sorry for what I did, I did this all because I love u. I said I love you kamseen, you are so beautiful. She was very angry and said that she is going to say this to my mum. I got very scared, wtf…. My brain had no senses, I was lost. I was regretting for that I did. I just got very scared and ran away for her house.

I went to my house and started to hide from her. Did not even looked at her house. This happened for few days. I was scared when ever kamseen used to visit my house. I never used look straight into her eyes. Then days passed by nothing happen, so I taught that she did not said anything to my mum. I was happy and thanked god.

One days when my mum said that kanseen needs my help, go and help her. I said not I won’t go to her house. She said baba go to her house and help her, as she has some issue with her computer.

Mum said I don’t know anything about computer, if would then I would help her. So please go and fix her computer. I said ok and said will do it when I am free. Mum said ok. One afternoon I decided to visited her house. I rang the door bell.

Kamseen : who is it

Me : it’s sameer

Kamseen : coming

Me: hi

Kamseen : hey hi !! How r you ? Come in

Me : I am good thanks. Mum said you have some problem with computer ?

Kamseen : yes !! I don’t know that happen it turns blue and switch-off.

Me : ok let me check

Kamseen : what would you like to have ? Coffee or tea ?

Me : I said coffee

She went to prepare coffee, mean while I started working on the computer. Looking to find the issues with it.Kamseen came near to me and gave me coffee. And sat on the chair next to me. I was trying to fix computer.

Suddenly I felt something moving on my thigh. It was kamseen’s hand. She was moving up as I she was trying to touch my dick. I was dumb struck …… Don’t know what to do !!!!!

Me : what r you doing ?

Kamseen : the same thing you did to me last time.

Me : (I was very happy and was on night cloud) I said I love you and stared kissing her.

Kamseen : stop. Let’s go to bed room.

We moved to bed room. I pushed her on the bed and kissed her. I kissed her and sucked her, she was even responding very well. Kissing session lasted for about fifteen minutes then I move towards her boobs and started pressing them….

Then I removed her top. She was in red bra. I was very happy after looking to it as I like red colour. I grabbed it, unhooked her bra and started sucking her boobs. What a melons, what a taste with a dark black coloured nipples. I sucked them, pressed them.

Then moved towards her navel by licking her belly button and pressing her boobs. I removed her pajam ( bottom ) including her panty, what a view. Her pussy was clean shaved with an exotic aroma which made me more crazy. Straightaway without wasting anytime I started licking her pussy.

She started moaning and said what r you doing….. This is first time somebody is sucking/licking my pussy. She pressed my head deep into her pussy and started moaning ahh….Ahh …Come on baby ….. I am loving it ….. Lick it …… Deeper…. Ahh ah ah ah ah ah ummah ah ummah aha ah …..

After a licking of 5 minutes she said I am about to cum …… Ah ha ha ha ah aha aha she cummed all over me and drank all her juice. She then hugged me and said its my turn. She removed my clothes and made me completely nude. My dick was rock hard and was saluting her.

She took my dick in her hand and started sucking it. She was sucking like a pro. What a feeling….. She was taking it deep into her mouth. It was the best feeling of my life. After 10 min or sucking I was about to cum I said. I discharged all of my load in her mouth and she drank all of it. Then we rested for a bit.

Me : why you did not let me have sex with you last time ?

Kamseen : I was about too …. But you ran away

I then said sorry and started kissing her. She was playing with my dick.

After couple of minutes I was on and my dick was hard. She smiled and said lets do it !!! Fuck me and fuck me and fuck. She opened her legs wide.

I place my dick on the opening of her pussy and pressed it slowly…. For which dick head was in. Then I gave a strong push, I was all in her pussy. She moaned… Ah ah ah ahah ahhhhaa slowly it’s hurting me.

I slowly started moving back and fro …. She was enjoying it. I increased my speed. She was enjoying. She was moaning aaaahhh …. Sasas. Aha aha come baby harder harder oh oh aha aha yes yes fuck me fuck me fuck me…..

I then turned her and fucked her in doggy style. Then again we moved to missionary position. I was fuck her and she was enjoying and moaning in pleasure.

Meanwhile she cummed twice and was screaming that shy is about to cum and asked to increase my speed as she want to come together. I increased my speed and was ramping her ….. I said I was about to cum !!! Where to cum ??? She said do it inside I wanna feel your hot lava !!! We both cummed …… I fell on her and lied next to her.

It was just the beginning. Will tell you more about our more encounters in my next story. Please do send me your reviews and comments. Anybody interested, can contact me : [email protected] thanks and I hope you liked my sex story.

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