Massaging A Hot Hyderabad Aunty On A Rainy Night – Part 2

This story is part of a series:

She knew the next thing I would do is feel her vagina. I just took a handful of massage oil and poured near a-hole I could see the oil sliding down near her pussy.That moment I put the warm oil she had deep breath and jerk on her thigh.

She raised her ass little high for me, like she wanted me to touch there. I just slid my hand right and placed my palm over her vagina. Sliding up and down my middle finger just opened her pussy. I know now I’m just rubbing over her clit.She’s getting turned on like never before.

She was taking deep breaths.I knew she was reaching her first orgasm. Nah, I didn’t allow her.

I pulled my hand out and just kissed gently kissed her neck, then her back and gently bit her ass cheeks.

Looking at her vagina, I wanted to go down on her but not yet. I just slid my palm right between her ass over to her vagina. I love those deep breaths. It is so lovely. She had a quite good labia, like a flower I stretched it both sides. She liked it feeling her labia and clit at the same time.

Even though one hand was down there, the other hand was feeling her warm ass cheeks. I knew she would reach orgasm and I just paced up the rubbing and she just came. It was so lovely, she moaned slightly along with a slight tremble on her thighs. Wow, I just kept on rubbing there gently and after she was done, she had that smile on her face.

Next, I asked her to turn over. The moment she turned over, my eyes were just staring at her amazing boobs, those amazing c-cups. She commented on my hard-on again and she asked, “Why don’t you get naked as well”. I said, “Not yet”.

She smiled and I gently kissed her neck and she was quite taken aback and she asked, “Why don’t you kiss me? Don’t you like my face?”

I was actually stunned by that question. I kissed her forehead quickly and looked into her eyes a for a second. I could see all her lust and felt her kiss. The amazing feeling of kissing that cannot be explained in words, it can only be felt and over this time as well, I was gently caressing her boobs. Her nipples were already erect.I could feel them over my palm.

I kissed her for a while. Meanwhile, I could feel her hands on thighs and she was going for my penis. I just let her.

She kept feeling them and I climbed on top of her and poured the massage oil right in between her boobs and the oil just slid down her body to her neck. I spread the oil over her shoulder and before massaging her amazing breasts, I kissed her nipples. I couldn’t resist myself and tasted both her nipples.

She had such an amazing deep breath. It was just tongue circling all over her nipples and sucking them and gently bit them as well. She loved that slight pain.

I spread the oil all over her breasts now. Such an amazing part of the body to touch, so soft and I kept fondling with it for a while.

It was the time for me to move forward. All I did was a gentle peck on her belly button and she loved the way I did it, my beard rubbing over her lower tummy. I spread a little oil over her tummy and massaged over it a bit and then it was the time for my quest to massage her pubic area.

I rubbed oil on her pelvic area and just made her relax and slowly my fingers was over her pussy. I gently caressed her clit. She started moaning in pleasure and it was just the rubbing now.

It was time for me to slide my middle fingers right into her vagina. Wow, it just slid inside and she was so damn wet.I didn’t require oil anymore. In and out motion for a while and next thing was sliding my one more finger in. She moaned and I rested my other hand on the pelvic area and kept on rubbing her clit with my thumb.

I increased the pace. Omg! Another orgasm and this time I didn’t take my fingers out. I left it inside her vagina and I felt her wetness and I could feel her muscles contracting and yummy vibes. Thick white liquid oozing was out of her vagina and I had them all over my fingers. I tasted it. It was tasting kind of bitter and kind of salty. But I liked the taste.

I couldn’t resist any further and I licked her vagina hard and gently kissed her clitoris. My tongue circling all over it now. I felt her labia in my mouth and gently bit it with my lips and pulled it. She moaned loudly.


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