How I Got Lucky And Banged My Landlord’s Wife – Part 2

This story is part of a series:

After that wonderful experience with Swetha that day, she went on a vacation with her husband and children which was for 5 days. Once she came back she called my parents to their house to offer them some sweets which they had bought on the journey back to Bangalore. Sadly I wasn’t at home that day.

Once I came back home, my mother told me they received sweets from her. And then I realized 5 days were over and she’s back. I was kinda excited and at the same time wanted to see her. The next day morning, my mom told me to pay the landlord the electricity bill when I was free.I was on leave that day, and like every day no one was home at my place and hers.

At around 10:30 am, I went to her house and rung the bell. She opened the door wearing jeans and a long top. She didn’t seem excited as I was.I went in and handed her the bill and she told me to sit down.

She offered me some aloo buja. She told me that she wanted to talk to me about what happened that day. I bursted out saying “Yes it was amazing”. She smiled and told me, yes I know and that’s why we shouldn’t do it anymore. I asked her, it’s not causing anyone any harm right? It’s our secret and that we’ll keep it between us. She told me that it was wrong and I was too young and she was old enough to be my mother.

As she sat across the coffee table, I looked at her. She looked amazing. I got up and sat next to her and put my hand on her leg and told her not to worry and leaned in and kissed her neck. She let me kiss for a while but then told me to stop and so did I.

She got up, took the bowl which I finished eating from and went to the kitchen. I also got up and saw her standing there near the sink. I went behind her, held her from behind and kissed her neck. She told me to stop but I didn’t.She slowly started grabbing my neck while I kissed her. I turned her around and told her that I missed her and she said she did too and she couldn’t forget anything while she was away. I picked her up and put her on the kitchen counter and kissed her.

She slowly took my shirt off and put her hands on my chest and kissed me. I slowly made her stand and took her jeans off. And then along with her panties, I kept them on the ground. I put her back on the counter spread her legs and licked her pussy while she held onto my head.She took her top off and bra and started holding her tits and moaning while I licked her pussy and sucked it.

I grabbed on to her tits and told her how I missed them and then I sucked them. I started fingering her while I kissed her and she kept rubbing her hand on my cock, she told me to take my pants off.

She got off the counter and took my pants and boxers off. She held my cock in her hand and started licking it and then put it in her mouth and started sucking it – first the tip and then the whole thing. That feeling was amazing!

Then I made her get back onto the counter and I told her to spread her legs and I put my cock inside her pussy. It was tight and wet, she moaned as I fucked her and told me to fuck her harder and deeper and I did. Then I wanted to change positions and so I stopped and told her to get off the counter and turn around. She didn’t listen to me and grabbed my cock and started stroking it and sucking it. She made my cock wet and told me she wanted me to fuck her asshole.

She turned around and held onto the counter as I put my cock in her and fuck her ass hole hard. She moaned my name so many times. Then I asked her you want more Swetha?She replied, “Yes, I want to ride you so hard and badly. I wanna feel every inch of you inside my wet pussy “.

She took me to the living room and made me sit on the sofa. She got up on me, turned around and held my cock and slipped it inside her pussy and started riding me. I told her enough now let me handle it. I caught her waist and moved up and down faster and faster. She didn’t want me to stop.She slowly went up and down in a rhythm.

Then she told me to lean back and relax and let her do it. I grabbed her tits with one hand and played with her pussy with my other hand as she went up and down on my cock. Then she got up and sat facing me and rode me while looking into my eyes. I was getting that feeling of wanting to cum. So I fucked her harder and deeper and kissed her.

I quickly made her get off my cock and told her to kneel down holding her tits together because I wanted to cum. I stroked my cock while she shouted, ” give it to me”. I came all over her gorgeous tits and they were dripping with semen. Some of it went on the carpet and a little on the sofa. She caught my cock in her hand and put it in her mouth and sucked me dry. Then I helped her clean up and I asked her when could we do it again. She told me soon. I hugged her and left.

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