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Hey, guys, this is Rahul and I’m back with another story that took place recently. Well, this story is a true story that took place between my Desi Tales reader Ananya and me in Mumbai.

So, a little about me – I am a northerner residing in Bangalore, a student and I’m 20 years old. I am a footballer, slim, 5’9” tall, and I’m fair. I’m endowed with a tool 6.5” in length and 3” in girth. I love experimenting in the bed but my few favorites include eating pussy and extended foreplay. For any feedback on the story, please write to me at [email protected]

So, it was during my summer vacations in April that I received a text on hangouts from Ananya and she told me that she read my stories online and that she loved the way I write and really enjoyed my stories.

Our conversations kept going ahead and I learned a lot about her in the following days. We exchanged our pictures and I became totally stunned looking at her. Her most prized possession; her hair, was so damn gorgeous that I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her.

With looks to die for, she had a perfect figure of 34-28-34. We were in touch for almost two months and knew quite a lot about each other. I had learned that she was an extremely wild girl in the bed and deep inside I was craving for her. She used to describe to me her sexual adventures with her husband which would turn me on instantly.

The fact that she was married was altogether a bigger turn on. We both loved oral. She loved the receiving part of it and I loved the giving the part. We used to have role-played sessions which would give me orgasms way beyond imagination. I had started to lust for her and she too had a lust for me. She used to tell me how she imagined me when her husband used to pound her. I had a cum tribute dedicated to her. After that, she started craving me more.

Finally, luck had turned in my favor. Her husband was going for a four-day business trip to Singapore and she was going to be alone. She asked me if I could come down to Mumbai during that period. Without any second thoughts, I agreed to her proposal and told my parents that I was going to an education fair.

I booked my tickets and couldn’t wait to land in Mumbai two days later. In those two days, we both had multiple sessions of phone sex due to our excitement to meet each other. I was going to be with that hot woman for two fucking days. I was on cloud 9. Finally, I reached Mumbai and it was a Friday.

Ananya was there to pick me up and she was in a tank top and jeans. I was shocked to see her. She looked way more incredible than she did in her pictures. Her hair tied in a bun, boobs to die for, a hot toned body with lips I would kill for. I was hard already. Then, I went towards her, hugged her and as I wrapped my arms around her, she bit my ear in a very sly manner.

I was sure of having a wild night. We got in her car, and she drove towards the resort she had booked for us. There was mild awkwardness in the air and sense that she just put her hands on my crotch and started to feel my rock hard cock and added “someone’s already out of control” in a naughty manner. She further took my hand and placed it on her tits.

I started fondling them and realized they were very firm. I took my hand and started rubbing her crotch. She was enjoying and she started biting her lips. I placed my fingers near her mouth and she started sucking on them gently.

We reached the resort by 7 in the evening, checked into the room and no sooner had I shut the door than she pounded on me and started kissing me. She was so wild that I couldn’t catch my breath and she ran her fingers all through my hair while pushing her tongue into mine. I too was co-operating with her. I walked towards the bed, put her down, came on top of her and started kissing her on her neck.

She was breathing heavily and was letting out soft moans. I proceeded to her ear and started nibbling on the lobes gently whilst her hand pressed my cock. I had always fantasized about giving her a bath and so I stripped her. She was in my favorite cherry red lingerie. She removed my jeans using her mouth and as my cock sprung out, she didn’t delay even for a second and ran her tongue down my entire shaft.

We walked towards the bathroom as we continued our sensuous kiss and once we were there, I started feasting on those insanely awesome tits and starting biting her erect pink nipples. She had gone mad and was pulling my hair, scratching my back and moaning as I did that.

She had untied her hair and having done that, she seemed like an angel who had descended down on Earth. I turned on the shower and started rubbing her clit. She too was stroking my hard dick, she bent down to give me a really sensual blowjob. She had told me earlier she loves deep throating and I prepared for it. And once she started, I realized that she is a blowjob goddess. I came within minutes and she drank all of my ejaculates.

I had never experienced such an intense blowjob ever before. We soaped each other up, I shampooed her gorgeous hair, had a really romantic bath. We came out, dried ourselves and she lied on the bed giving me a clear view of her pussy. She had a really big labia. My cock was hard as a rock and I got down, spread her pussy lips using my thumb and index finger and blew air.

She was dripping and to further tease her and started rubbing her clit and kissed her inner thigh. I ran my tongue all over her navel and finally gave a peck on her pussy. She was moaning and her pussy was dripping more juices. I licked the juices in the surrounding areas of her wet crotch and finally started running my tongue down her clit slowly. Then, I inserted one finger into her as I licked her pussy gently.

I removed my finger, made her lick it and slowly started sucking her furiously. Her moans were getting louder and I was increasing my pace and the suction inside her pussy. I pushed my entire tongue in and started rotating my tongue so as to touch every corner of her pussy and she too was helping me by rubbing herself and she squirted. I knew that she was a squirter but such an intense one? But, I had never thought of it.

Her squirt tasted really nice. We had a make-out session for some time; where she left me a hickey on my neck. We cleaned ourselves and went out to get ourselves something to eat. She had worn a backless dress and in the entire course of our dinner our legs were inseparable under the table and my hands were caressing her hands.

Further, since she didn’t tie her hair, I bent a little brushed her hair and kissed her gently. We were done with dinner and were just exploring the silent spots of the resort and since the resort was empty, we made out in the open in almost every corner of the resort and got back to our room by 1 in the night.

We undressed and I could see that Ananya’s panties were drenched completely. It has always been my fantasy to have sex on the balcony and since our room was in the rear part of the resort, she was totally game for it. Alcohol had a part of us and so we dimmed the room lights, filled the bathtub, and went on the balcony.

We started kissing each other, rolling our tongues, biting each other ears and I left three hickeys on her neck. Ananya had a bit of pain but she really liked it. I unhooked her bra and started fondling her tits as I hugged her from behind. I was necking her and the heavenly fragrance of her hair was driving me mad.

She turned around, wrapped her arms around my neck and started licking my neck; completely drenching it in her warm saliva. She bent down and sucked on my nipples. My eyes closed as it felt ecstatic. It was very hot and arousing. I was overflowing with pre-cum and she gave me another round of a very sensual blowjob and this time I somehow controlled my orgasm.

She raised her left leg and put it on the railing of the balcony and guided my dick into her pussy. It felt like paradise; that warm pussy, combined with our tongues stuck to each other. Since we were kissing as I was penetrating her, she couldn’t scream, but she had started biting my lips. Ignoring that little bit of pain, I was getting hornier and harder. I started increasing my pace and force with which I was thrusting her.

Along with the cool breeze, the only sound audible was that of my balls banging her clit. It had started getting cold outside but the warmth of that angel soothed me. We decided to get back in the room. I threw her on the bed and started pumping her pussy again along with Ananya rubbing herself and somewhere around 20 minutes into this she came. I removed my dick and started giving her an oral again, licking all the cum.

She looked really wild now and told me to destroy her. I started thrusting her and I was finally about to cum. She instructed me to release my cum to her and so I did. As my warm ejaculate filled her pussy, I could feel my body tremble where Ananya had her eyes shut, with a wide smile of happiness on her face. She inserted her fingers into her pussy and as my cum had started flowing out, she licked her finger taking my cum into her mouth.

There was dead silence in the room for almost half an hour where we lied spooning each other with my finger in her pussy. Then she got up, took my hand and pulled me with her to the bathroom where we got in the bathtub, sat facing each other at two corners of the tub. She gave me a footjob and I was really enjoying it.

She was a very classy woman and had everything planned. Then, she got up and went to the room, got two glasses filled with champagne. She sat on top of me; facing me with my dick rubbing her pussy. She kissed me and told me that she really enjoyed this night and we sipped our drink. She then hugged me, got up to clean herself, I did that too and we slept by around 5 in the morning.

We still had one day and one night to ourselves which we spent in pure indulgence in her house. During the day we went lingerie shopping and then to the theatre where we got very raunchy.

And in the night we fucked each other in every corner of the house and the next morning I directly went to the airport to board my flight back to Bangalore; thinking and recollecting memories of the insane two days I spent with that sex goddess.

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