How I Got Lucky And Banged My Neighbour’s Wife – Part 1

This story is part of a series:

Hi, my name is Gavin.I live in Bangalore and if you guys have read my other series – “How I Got Lucky And Banged My Landlord’s Wife” you would know me.

After a new house being built behind mine, a family had moved in. I had the pleasure of meeting the wife and daughter one day as the father was a busy man. The wife was Amala. She was fair and good looking.

One day I was relaxing in my bedroom with the curtains pulled and I look out of the window and see Amala hanging her clothes on her terrace. I could help but get a closer look. As I approached the window I wasn’t afraid if she saw me cause she couldn’t as my windows would not show anything to an outsider unless a light is on.

So I just stood there and watched her. She was wearing a black blouse with joggers on.

As she bent down I could see her tits.They looked fantastic and nice and when she turned around her ass was amazing so big and perfect it just bounced as she walked around. Then she left. I would watch her most of the times after this when I could.

After two weeks, I had a program at the college and had to sell raffle tickets. So I went house to house and sold how much I could. I passed by Amala’s house and thought I should go in and see if she would buy any.

So I did, I rang her doorbell and she opened the door wearing this kurti and pant. The kurti wasn’t that great but it did make her tits stand out better. She smiled and me and was surprised. I told her I was selling something and she invited me in.

She gave me a glass of water and later she asked me if I wanted to see her house. I said “yes” she began showing me the hall then the kitchen then the three bedrooms and the bathroom.

After that, we sat on the sofa and she asked me about my college and what I was doing. Then she asked me about what I was selling. Later on, she decided to buy a few of them. So I needed her details to fill up. She insisted on letting her do it and she gave me the money.

So I handed her the book and pen and she filled it.

She handed the book back but accidentally dropped the pen under the sofa. She said she was sorry and was going to take it out I told her to don’t as it was fine. I had another.But she insisted so she bent down and as she did I got to see her tits held tight by her bra but the were hanging and I started getting hard.

I looked at her body and it looked perfect. I just want to get behind her and start pumping her pussy. I was so hard.

She took it out and gave it to me I told her thank you and she asked me if I would like some tea I said okay and sat there on the sofa as she went to the kitchen.

My cock was still hard after seeing her like that so I tried sitting in a way where it won’t look obvious. She returned with tea and sat on the same sofa and started talking. I asked her where her daughter was she told me at school. Her husband was at work.

Then we started laughing and she tapped my leg saying your very funny. As she did that I got even harder and this time I could notice a big bulge on my pant. I tried hiding it but it had no effect it was still very visible. And then she saw it.

She just looked at it as she spoke to me and seemed surprised. She got up to take the cups away and she slipped on the carpet and lost balance and fell on the sofa with her hand landing on my cock.

I cock was throbbing as her hand was on it. Slowly as she got up and sat down and laughed. She tapped my leg again this time her hand stayed there I put my hand on her hand and moved it up on my cock she seemed so surprised.

Then she took her hand off. I moved closer and leaned in and kissed her lips she didn’t push me away, a little later she told me to stop. I did but then I took her hand and put it on my cock. And moved her hand on it. As I leaned in and kissed her again. She told me that’s enough and I had to leave before her daughter came back. I continued and kissed her neck. She then told me it wasn’t right she was married.

Then I slowly put my hand into to pant near her pussy and started rubbing it and fingering it. She moaned as I did it.I carried on kissing her as I took my pant off later. I had my boxers on and my cock was hanging out of it I got up and she jumped up saying “want are you doing?”


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