Flight To Fuck An Old Friend Turned Fuck Buddy

It’s been quite some time since I last posted a story, so here goes. You can hook up with me on [email protected] Your comments are highly appreciated and welcome. This story would encompass detailed description about the whole event and the premise so you have to bear with me. I’m 22 years of age, with quite an athletic body, courtesy of playing basketball and running twice daily. My height is average 5’6″, though I am considered fairly attractive and have been on the receiving end of a few proposals. The girl is 5’4″ and extremely attractive with hazel eyes and long hair.

I was placed in an IT company during my college’s campus placements and my joining location was Noida, after my college I went to stay with my Dad who lives in Bhopal and I was traveling to Delhi from Bhopal and met her on the airport. It all started when I was standing in line to get my PNR processed and get the boarding pass, when I saw a 20ish something girl running wildly with a trolley towards the counter I was standing on and in her gusto, she dropped a couple of her bags, I chuckled and let her pass through and helped her with her luggage. She heaved a sigh of relief and mumbled a thank you to me, I smiled and said, “Wow! You made it, now you can breathe.” she giggled and didn’t say anything.

After the security check, I got a bottle of water and settled with my novel as it was still sometime for our boarding. I saw the girl sitting a few paces away from me searching for something in her bag and I didn’t pay much attention, after some time, I felt a tap on my shoulder and I broke out of my reverie to see her standing in front of me she said “Hey are you ‘my name’, you look familiar” I said yes and mentioned that I didn’t actually recognize her, but it turned out that we were in the same high school and while I went to an engineering college; she pursued her B.Com.

She sat beside me and we got talking, I joked around as was my normal habit and she was all smiles and happy to see a familiar face. We decided to sit together during the flight too. While boarding I helped her with her ‘purse’ like bag and she elbowed me and said “Oh are you a gentleman”. Anyhow we sat together after I exchanged my seat with the lady next to hers. It was one of the smaller planes with 2X2 seats and the elbowroom was small and it led to a few bump accidents after which she fell asleep on my shoulder and I did not stop her.

She was looking extremely cute and her hair smelled great. I was just happy to meet an old friend but her closeness and the overall gist was a bit exciting for me. During our talks in the flight I got to know that she too worked in Noida and we included travelling to Noida together in our itineraries. After landing she said she wanted to use the loo and if I could collect her luggage too, I remembered her big red suitcase and complied. Since we had heavy luggage between us we decided to use a taxi and I asked her to wait at the arrival itself while I went to book a taxi at the prepaid booth. We entered the backseat of the taxi and one of my bags was on the seat too, which I kept on the window side of the seat and shifted towards her, she saw me and smiled although I did that just to get directly in front of the A/C. Her stop came earlier and she paid her half and we exchanged numbers and I went to my friends’ apartment as I did not have any boarding of my own just yet.

My friends were out on their respective trainings and had left their keys with the guard, who let me in. I got comfortable and had a snack and perusing my phone I saw her text on whatsapp asking me whether I reached and have a place to stay. I replied her and fell asleep. The next day I was extremely busy with my pre-joining formalities and did not have any time to check my phone later that night I had a message from her and I replied and we got to talking again. I commented that she looked like a little girl in her display picture and pulled her leg a lot and she enjoyed it, later she asked me whether I would like to meet up for a coffee or something I was new to the city and made her agree to come to a restaurant near my friends’ place.

The next day we had an off to enable us to look for boarding options and in the evening I went to see her. She was wearing a red sleeveless top with denim shorts and looked extremely sexy, I hugged her formally and her hair were a bit wet and oddly it was arousing for me, She must have felt my hardening dick, I’m not too big just over 6.5 inches and it becomes a bit of an hassle when it stands at attention and her cheeks flustered. We sat down and had our drinks, it was great to talk to her and we felt a connection on so many levels especially after meeting for a long time and when it was time to leave I asked whether she wanted to see my temporary refuge and she agreed, I was nervous and made a pretext of buying myself some shampoo sachets I went to a chemist and purchased the same and a few strawberry flavored condoms.

On reaching the place I let her inside and she flipped onto the sofa and looked at me and gave one of her beautiful smiles. I sat beside her and held her hand, she didn’t say anything and started to play with my fingers, I tilted towards her and held her chin, she closed her eyes and I went in for the kiss slightly brushing her lips, she moved to accommodate me and held my neck, I kissed her deeper moving my lips over her and licking her lower lip softly, we kissed for a few minutes which left us breathless, then I moved my hand through her hair kissing her neck, she moaned and held my hair which made my neck tingle, I pulled her closer and started to smooch her hard, our tongues entwined, I tasted her mouth and moved my hands lower, her quickening and short breaths urged me and I cupped her boob, she bit my lip and moaned “ahhhhhhh” I laid her down and got over her gently, she wasn’t much smaller to me and we started kissing and she started moving her thigh against my penis.

I removed her top and kissed her neck and licked it, I started trailing her collarbone with kisses and bit lightly on her shoulder. She squirmed bit my ear, I started to press her breasts while kissing her neck and I knew she was enjoying it. Then she removed my shirt and moved her hand all over my chest, she rolled onto me sitting on my erect dick moaning as it brushed against her shorts, She started kissing and licking my chest and biting my nipples, it was extremely hard to control myself but I started playing with her breasts. She left a few love bite marks on my chest. I have a bit of hair on my chest and she said that I looked extremely sexy with it.

I removed and tossed her bra away and edged towards the armrest to get up, with her in my lap I started kissing her boob, all the while pressing the other with my hand. I put my tongue on the edge and started encircling her boob, licking in shorter circles until I reached her nipple, I licked and flicked it with my tongue and she just pushed her breasts towards me, I turned to the other boob and did the same then I pulled her nipples, she gave a long sigh and arched her head backwards.

Then she removed my jeans and underwear and kissed the head of my dick I closed my eyes held her hair, she started to lick it all over, going all the way down and just coming to the tip and leaving, teasing me. I urged her to suck it, she obliged taking my dick in her mouth while looking me in the eyes, and she was quite experienced as I felt her tongue constantly moving at the tip while she was bobbing up and down. I knew I couldn’t last long so just resigned to the feelings, she continued to suck it occasionally my dick hit the back of her throat, I held her face and pushed a bit and played with her nipples. I told her I am close to coming and she took it out, masturbating me with her hand while still licking the tip with her tongue, I came with huge spurts and it fell in her hair and on her face and she licked a bit and sucked my dick dry.

I never came so hard but I knew things have only just begun so after she cleaned herself and come back I immediately pushed her onto the sofa and started sucking her breasts then I removed her shorts and started kissing her inner thighs, she was extremely excited by that and held my head, I licked and bit her thigh lightly, she wrapped her legs around my head and I turned to her pussy, just rubbing it with my finger, she was close to cumming and asked me to put my finger inside, Instead I rubbed my thumb over the top of her clit and pushed my tongue inside, she came hard and ejaculated a lot, then I started licking her pussy and pushing my tongue inside, I fingered her and licked her, she moaned a lot and turned her head sideways and arched her back.

Then I slowly got up, feeling the fatigue in my knees and wobbled a bit, she smooched me hard tasting her own juices and I picked her in my arms and took her to one of the bedrooms, I was hard again and put on the condom she saw the pack and giggled “flavor ka to fayda nai huya koi” I smooched her and pressed my dick against her pussy, she screamed to ram it inside but I continued to tease her, just rubbing my dick and not sliding in, she was extremely wet by this time and I put my dick in her, she pulled me and held my neck biting my ear and moaning,

I couldn’t go completely inside and she was surprised but after a few thrusts I was in her, we smooched and I started to move slowly at first then a bit faster, I varied my pace sometimes slow and shallow sometimes fast and deep and she was on the edge of cumming again, I started biting her nipple and she came again, she hugged me tighter her nails leaving marks on my back. I took my dick out and laid down while she got over me quickly and took it in, She grind her ass a bit and I held her breasts looking in her eyes, she started moving and continued to do so slowly, she stood up and asked me to put it in from behind I kissed her shoulders and pushed it in, It was difficult but I kept pushing her and she was pressing her nipple and biting her lip.

I asked her to bend down and pushed my dick in her, I could push deeper and started to fuck her hard. I pulled her long hair a bit and started pushing even harder, she started moaning and saying my name and I pushed it hard a few times cumming in the condom. We fell on the bed out of breath and kissed again. We rested a bit, with her head on my shoulder. Then we got dressed and joked as to how time flies by and I went to see her off. Since we both weren’t really interested in a relation, we decided to keep it casual. Hope you enjoyed it and as earlier, your comments and views are most welcome.

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