First Wonder Of My Life

Hi everyone,

My name is Vikrant.I am new to ISS and found this site more interesting than watching porn. Everyone is sharing their experience so I thought I should share mine. Please be patient my story is lengthy .Boys start stroking your dick and girls start fingering because my story will make you come.I am an instrumentation engineer and my age is 24.Recently I have joined new job in Mumbai. My company does not provide accommodation so I have searched few rooms on rent adds on magic bricks.On Sunday I was visiting all those place but found none interesting. It was 9 pm and I was completely tired. Still I went for last address.

A man age 40 opened the door. It was a old duplex and last house in that row. There were 2 rooms on terrace with a toilet and no bathroom but big opened space on other side. It was quite disappointing and while leaving I heard a seductive voice asking “Who is their?” then she came outside. Ohhh she was sooo sexy that I was blank for a minute. She was slightly chubby but awesome figure.

Though it was not good but it was near from my office. I agreed with that deal and shifted there after 2 days.

Days by days where passing and I was becoming closer to them.To tell about aunty, her name is Neelima with a sexy figure. Her ass was so seductive that anyone would worship and burns candles and agarbatis in her ass, day and night. Secretly I was enjoying her beauty. At night uncle and I use to play carom on terrace and even watch cricket matches together. Aunty used to surf and watch movie’s on my laptop. Uncle was in sales department, so he used to go early morning 7 am and return at 10 pm .

Uncle was very possessive about aunty. She was not allowed to go outside, not allowed to go to friends house. Though she was having many constrains, she was happy with herself. Many times I have seen her dancing and singing when uncle was not at home. She used to dry her clothes including her inner-ware on the terrace.

From the varieties of panty, she was having, anyone would know that she was very naughty.To seduce her more ,I kept porn folder on the desktop screen. That evening when I have checked recent places, it was porn for the whole day. Once I decided to catch her red handed.So I came home at lunch time to pick some important documents ,it took her long time to open the door. She told that she was listening songs on my laptop.

When I went inside I found her hair brush below my bed. I pick it up and found that handle was sticky. She might be fucking with it.I was aroused by that. It was still wet and her cum was there on hair brush handle. I tasted it,sucked it and masturbated imagining her naked on my bed.I ejaculated on my hand itself and applied my sticky cum on its handle then went to return her.She was shocked to see it. I told her it is sticky.She was unable to answer. Taking a pause she told that it was her hair oil.

Now my cum was on her hand. Seeing that my dick was again hard. Somehow I hide it.For whole day her bra and panty used to be on terrace rope. Every night I used to jerk while tasting it, wearing it and sleep wearing her bra and panty.

One such night my door knocked,it was her.She was shy to tell that her bra and panty wear missing. Even I was afraid to tell that I was wearing it below my cloths. My tent was visible to her.I told her that the wind might have blown it away. We will search it in morning.Even she might have got hint about it.

I threw her bra in corner of terrace and panty on the nearby tree. She called me for help, to remove her panty from the tree. To tease her I told “it’s not your, it’s too small”. She laughed and replied “No its mine only”.I looked at her ass and asked her again “Are you sure? Its just strings from behind”. She laughed again and said “It’s my summer wear”.

We both laughed again. I removed it with a rod and hold it in my hand. I examined those strings but she snatched it from my hand. I told her to bring such panty for me as it is too hot this summer. To which she nodded head and we laughed again. I was getting harder. With this incident, we wear more friendly and used to talk long hour in uncle’s absence. I noticed that she was not satisfied by her husband.


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