First Wonder Of My Life

Hi everyone,

My name is Vikrant.I am new to ISS and found this site more interesting than watching porn. Everyone is sharing their experience so I thought I should share mine. Please be patient my story is lengthy .Boys start stroking your dick and girls start fingering because my story will make you come.I am an instrumentation engineer and my age is 24.Recently I have joined new job in Mumbai. My company does not provide accommodation so I have searched few rooms on rent adds on magic bricks.On Sunday I was visiting all those place but found none interesting. It was 9 pm and I was completely tired. Still I went for last address.

A man age 40 opened the door. It was a old duplex and last house in that row. There were 2 rooms on terrace with a toilet and no bathroom but big opened space on other side. It was quite disappointing and while leaving I heard a seductive voice asking “Who is their?” then she came outside. Ohhh she was sooo sexy that I was blank for a minute. She was slightly chubby but awesome figure.

Though it was not good but it was near from my office. I agreed with that deal and shifted there after 2 days.

Days by days where passing and I was becoming closer to them.To tell about aunty, her name is Neelima with a sexy figure. Her ass was so seductive that anyone would worship and burns candles and agarbatis in her ass, day and night. Secretly I was enjoying her beauty. At night uncle and I use to play carom on terrace and even watch cricket matches together. Aunty used to surf and watch movie’s on my laptop. Uncle was in sales department, so he used to go early morning 7 am and return at 10 pm .

Uncle was very possessive about aunty. She was not allowed to go outside, not allowed to go to friends house. Though she was having many constrains, she was happy with herself. Many times I have seen her dancing and singing when uncle was not at home. She used to dry her clothes including her inner-ware on the terrace.

From the varieties of panty, she was having, anyone would know that she was very naughty.To seduce her more ,I kept porn folder on the desktop screen. That evening when I have checked recent places, it was porn for the whole day. Once I decided to catch her red handed.So I came home at lunch time to pick some important documents ,it took her long time to open the door. She told that she was listening songs on my laptop.

When I went inside I found her hair brush below my bed. I pick it up and found that handle was sticky. She might be fucking with it.I was aroused by that. It was still wet and her cum was there on hair brush handle. I tasted it,sucked it and masturbated imagining her naked on my bed.I ejaculated on my hand itself and applied my sticky cum on its handle then went to return her.She was shocked to see it. I told her it is sticky.She was unable to answer. Taking a pause she told that it was her hair oil.

Now my cum was on her hand. Seeing that my dick was again hard. Somehow I hide it.For whole day her bra and panty used to be on terrace rope. Every night I used to jerk while tasting it, wearing it and sleep wearing her bra and panty.

One such night my door knocked,it was her.She was shy to tell that her bra and panty wear missing. Even I was afraid to tell that I was wearing it below my cloths. My tent was visible to her.I told her that the wind might have blown it away. We will search it in morning.Even she might have got hint about it.

I threw her bra in corner of terrace and panty on the nearby tree. She called me for help, to remove her panty from the tree. To tease her I told “it’s not your, it’s too small”. She laughed and replied “No its mine only”.I looked at her ass and asked her again “Are you sure? Its just strings from behind”. She laughed again and said “It’s my summer wear”.

We both laughed again. I removed it with a rod and hold it in my hand. I examined those strings but she snatched it from my hand. I told her to bring such panty for me as it is too hot this summer. To which she nodded head and we laughed again. I was getting harder. With this incident, we wear more friendly and used to talk long hour in uncle’s absence. I noticed that she was not satisfied by her husband.

I was having a heavy work load and used to work overtime.So nothing happened for 1 month. One day while I was bathing in open terrace, aunty came for drying clothes and saw me in my underwear. I was a little bit awkward but aunty was ok with that.

She even talked with me and I was answering her questions. I was aroused and my dick was rising like a volcano ready to erupt hot lava. Even aunty had noticed my dick still she was standing and watching me. She was putting her bra an panty on the rope and watching me wiping my body. I put towel over and removed my underwear.

She complimented me for my physic. I am an average looking guy with 5.6″ feet height, flat chest, and big arms. I went inside the room and put new underwear over that towel. I thought to seduce her hence removed my towel quickly and my 6″ long 1.5″ thick dick came out of my underwear. She gave me a naughty smile and ran downwards. I went downward after 30 min and asked her why did she run downward that time. But she again smiled and said nothing.

Now every day she used to come while am bathing.I used to pass on many adult jokes while taking to her. One day their bathroom drainage was blocked so uncle came to bath on the terrace. I was expecting aunty to come for a bath but she didn’t come.

When I came back evening I heard like someone is bathing on the terrace but lights wear switch off .

I went slowly upstairs and switch on the lights. What I saw was like a nuclear bomb. She was bathing nude. Her white boobs, her ass, her nipple her pussy was beautiful. She was shocked and ran inside the toilet nude. I said sorry. While running her ass and boobs were jumping like ipl cheerleaders. I went near the toilet and gave her towel. She tied it over her body and went downwards. Next morning while going for office I said her sorry again and she was ok with that.

Now she was a bit comfortable with me .Sometimes she would even cook breakfast, dinner for me. I used to help her in some household work and touch her ass and boobs accidentally. She used to browse my laptop. Whenever I used check browsing history and recent places visited, it was porn and sex stories sites. Many times she used to come to terrace while I am bathing and talk to me. I was searching for a chance to enjoy her.

Nearly after 2 months I got a chance ,uncle was going on an official tour to Delhi for a week. So I have to dropped uncle at the airport for evening flight. That night we had dinner in a non-veg restaurant .She was very much happy. We came home she thanked me for the party by kissing my cheeks. Next morning she planned for alibagh. So she slept early but I was unable to sleep. She was in light blue nighty looking like jalpari.

I was just sleeping next to her enjoying her warm breath. I kept my one leg on her and was feeling her beauty. Then decided to proceed further but thought that if she got angry it will spoil my whole week.So I just removed my track panty and masturbated next to her.

I went up in my room shaved my dick completely and trimmed my hairy chest. I woke at 4 am and packed my bag ,by this time she was ready in her track pant and t-shirt. She was looking as hot as sunny leone. She told me to get ready soon. To have a naughty start I decided to bath naked. As soon as I saw her coming upstairs I applied soap on my naked body. She saw me, but didn’t said a single word ,she sat on my bed watching me nude through window and I was pretending as if I didn’t know her presence.

I rubbed soap on my dick tip and ass crack many time. I moved my dick skin backward and was washing it. Suddenly she said “get ready soon”.I behaved like shocked and sat and the floor covering myself. She laughed and said do it fast. I stood up, hiding my dick with hand. Asked her for towel kept on bed. She said” don’t worry, I will look on other side”.I was harder then diamond.With 2-3 jerk I had cum inside room. Cleaned it and wore clothes.

It was 5:15 am left home on my pulsar to bhau cha dhakka. We reached alibaug by 9 am with speed breaker and pot holes her boobs and thighs were dashing. The first time I was praising municipal corp. For bad road.I touch her everywhere while trekking. She was behaving like a college girl and enjoying my every touch.

We watch the fort and went to nearby beaches. We were completely tiered. Our bodies were paining. While returning on the bike, in between she wanted to pee. I stopped the bike on the corner of the road. Asked her to pee while I will watch if anyone come.

I heard a sound like suhhhhh suuuuu.I asked her “Is that a snake “.I started making suhhh suuu sound.She threw few small stones at me.She laughed and replied “You idiot”.I adjusted by bike’s side mirror and watching her peeing.I was able to see nature’s beautiful water fall through her ass. She was done ,our eyes meet and we laughed again. While I was riding her total body weight was on me and her hands on my thighs. I asked her again whether it was a snake. She pinched my inner thighs. I cried loudly then rubbing my thighs she said sorry.

Her hand was sometimes touching my dick. We reached home, ordered for food. She told me to bring pain killer tablet, I brought body lotion and a pack of kama sutra condoms.To try my luck I told her to massage my body. She agreed an asked me to undress and sleep on the bed. I was in my boxer. She spread few drops of lotion our my chest.

I shivered with her first touch and the tent in my boxer was rising. I was moaning with her pressured. She was looking at my dick and massaging my thighs. She massaged by lower back, feet and more on my nipples. I was relaxed and reborn. I asked her does she want a massage. She paused for while, she was feeling shy and said no went downwards in her room. I was nervous and thinking what to do next. She came back in a silky white gown and requested me for massage. She slept on my bed.

I moved her gown slightly above he knee. I massaged he feet then was moving upward. With the first touch on thigh, she shivered. She moaned uhhmnmm loudly. I was moving upward and her pink panty was visible to me.My rocket ready to take off but I controlled somehow. I asked her to remove her gown but she said no first then told me to switch off the lights. I did it and that beautiful lady was only in bra and panty on my bed.

A dim light was spread in the room because of moon light coming through the window. She was lying on her back. I was on cloud nine, couldn’t believe my luck.My hands were flowing all our her back. Her moans increased and ask me to apply more pressure.

While massage her inner thighs I touched her pussy lips many time. I put 2-3 drops of oil into her ass crack, as the drops were sliding downward. She was shivering like a fish out of the water. She praised me for massage. I removed my boxer and got completely nude. I told her to turn on her back. Now her lovely mangoes were in front of me.

I applied lotion and started massaging near her boobs from side and cleavage. I asked her to remove bra as it was difficult to massage. I told not to worry as the room is dark.Somehow she agreed. I removed her bra and started massaging her boobs,then nipples. She was moaning like a tigress and was completely in my control. I massage her stomach and went near her pussy. God, she was all wet. I started massaging her pussy over her panty. She was like ahhh uhhhh ummm ummm nmm.I removed her panty she said nothing.

I inserted 2 fingers inside her and with thumb, I was rubbing her clit.She was totally out off control. She was shouting do it more, do it more don’t stop Vikrant. Then I inserted my tongue inside her, I was drinking her juice.She folded her legs around my head and with both hands pushed me inside her pussy. I was unable to breathe. She was near orgasm and in no time she burst like clouds in Uttarakhand.I drank all her juice.

Now I inserted my dick inside her. And fucked her for another 5 minute. We both came at same time. Still, she was not satisfied, she took my dick in her mouth and sucked like a hungry cat. I was again hard and cum inside her mouth. She drank all my cum.We rest beside each other.

Now she came on top and we smooched for nearly 15-20 min. I was hard again. I lifted her and took her on the terrace. Placed a mattress below. She wanted me to fuck her ass. I applied lotion to her ass hole and my dick. Her hole was tight it was painful for both of us but extreme pleasure .I fucked her 4 times that night.

When I woke up in morning she gave me a bath and asked me to wear her string panty.While we were on the way to the theatre,we saw two hot and sexy girls driving next to us.

Aunty pulled those strings out of my pant and pinched my dick.Those girls started laughing at me.While they were following us.I was feeling embarrassed.In theatre, she gave me a hand job.At night we had anal sex. Remaining 5 days we fucked like animals ,in each and every corner of her house.On last day I took her to essel  world.We enjoyed a lot there.

Uncle came next morning. He thank me for taking care of aunty and home.Next week we fucked during my lunch time.

But good time never lasts longer.My project was finished and I had to join a new project in Pune office.I was very nervous.I gifted her set of 7 sexy bras and panty for 7 days and a dildo.I took 2 of her used bra and panty.I used to jerk recalling those sweet time and smelling those used panties.

We used to have phone sex at night.Now whenever I used to visit Mumbai ,I used to stay at their home and fuck my goddess.Sometimes I feel guilty ,that uncle trusted me like their son and I was fucking his wife in his absence.From the last 2 month both of us are waiting for a chance.Now am searching someone in Pune who can fulfil my desire,my loneliness.So interested aunty’s and girls can contact me at [email protected]

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