My First Sex With Apartment Lady

Hi iss readers;im sid(name changed), here to narrate a real incident which happened with me, while I was working with an mnc in bangalore. I was then 26 yrs. Old, tall & well built since I went to gym and always take care of my body, but I had pimples on my face which made me to think inferior to propose girls.
I was a decent average student and didn’t had any girl friends since I was bit shy and used to have little confident to approach girls to make friendships. I was brought up in a traditional family and talking too much talking to girls was considered as a sign of misconduct. But I used to fantasize with teachers and gals in my school.Even tried to feel their bodies in crowded places and took pleasure masturbating thinking of them.

Since I was from a small town from kerala and there were no much opportunities for job so I planned to move to bangalore after completing my B.Tech in electronics and got thru into a vlsi design company. For me bangalore was a dream come true since it was a place I wished to work because of climate and its beauty (beautiful chicks and ladies too).So every day I used to leave for office on volvo buses, because I was getting bus pass from office and it was a pleasure for my eyes watching sexy girls in high heels and milfs in hot sarees boarding the bus.

Since it was volvo all hot chicks will travel in it coz it’s very comfortable. I was so excited and thought one day.I also picking up a sexy hot gal or lady and fuck her with my virgin dick which is craving to drill through a pussy.I thought since I am out of my town none will come to know what I do here I felt total freedom to do anything.

Months passed, I was unlucky and was thinking I am the only one who wasn’t able to make thru coz many of my friends told stories of seducing girls and aunties. I then was thinking I’m not the person who can do something like this. It’s all new things to me since I have to start all from the scratch because I didn’t had much interaction with ladies and gals. I was so upset and thinking how these guys cajole the ladies to their bed.

Since I was very jovial I had many male friends and I used to visit their pg’s or rented houses on weekends and so I had such a male friend who used to stay 8 kms from my rented house and since he was my colleague in a different company I had good relationship with him and used to visit him often. There we will talk about topics on getting girls,fuck milfs and he used get prostitutes too,but I didn’t had the courage for it because of stds and other diseases.

One saturday I went to his apartments as usual and he was not there in his place. I called him up and he told he has gone for a small shopping and will return in half an hour so that I can wait, we can go together for dinner. So I thought I will park my bike inside the parking-lot, since it was on the road side.

I went down and parked it inside and thought will take the lift up.Then a lady too was rushing towards the lift.She was carrying some vegetables in a polythene bag which was full and almost about to break because of the weight. So I stopped the lift to let her in.She got in and told “Thank you!” to me. She appeared to me as a normal lady and never thought that she will change my dick-luck.

She also got down on the same floor where my friend apartment was. So the lift got opened and I kept my hands to hold the doors of the lift open so that she can easily get out from the lift with the heavy bag. She again told “Thank you” and asked whether I too stays in the same apartment. Then I told I came to meet my friend and I’m waiting for him to come.Then she asked about my friend’s details and told she knows him, asked whether I too is from kerala?

I told “yes” and she then started in malayalam and told they are also mallus settled there from 10 yrs.

And told if I wish I can wait at her apartments till my friend returns. I thought that’s good because people may suspect if I just wander there since I’m a stranger to the flatmates.She was fair & good looking and had a real pleasing face. So I nodded my head and followed her. While I followed I noticed her sexy ass swaying in her salwar and I became crazy seeing that.She pressed the calling bell, and the door was opened by her son. Whom she later told was her adopted son. She introduced me to him and welcomed me and asked to sit on the couch still my friend comes. She went in, leaving her son behind, to keep the veggies.

So she gave me tea and I had a nice time talking with her & son, asked about my ware about I behaved very decently and politely, so she was feeling very comfortable. And by the time my friend returned and called me and asked “Where the hell are you”. Then I told I am in the next flat and I am coming. So I told her I have to leave and she told no problem “visit again when you come to visit your friend “.So I told good bye to her and her son.

I went to my friends flat he asked how I went to her flat. I told him the entire the story.He told like she is a nice aunty to fuck and he was trying his level best to get a chance and how come I got this golden chance to meet her. I laughed and told its all skillset.Since then I had no intention to get her on my bed but after he told me this I thought why not her?

Then all my intensions were to butter up her and make my dreams come true. So I was making plans for my next visit so that she won’t doubt me that I came to meet her. So I was planning that diwali is coming on the next week and will plan something to mingle with her.

So I told my friend also about my plans and he told me to try your best since he was a real friend who knows my thirst. My friend was planning to go home for the holidays and I thought will make this a better time to seduce her. So my friend was leaving on the night before diwali, we had a nice time cracking crackers and flying rockets and her son also joined us. For some time she too came down to see us enjoying but she didn’t participated in any of it.

That day since it was diwali she was wearing a yellow color satin saree in which she was looking gorgeous because her hip was amazingly huge. My friend also told, she is looking very hot today.

While playing with crackers her son got a small burn on his forearm and I took him to her and asked to put some ice and apply some ointment. She scolded him I consoled her telling “Its ok don’t scold him, he’s a kid”. Then I applied ointment on his hands and took him out so that he can watch the fireworks from the 5th floor. I intentionally asked some details of my lovely lady, about his dad and his dad’s job. So he innocently gave the details then I came to know she is a beautician and have a parlor and spa too.

After sometime she came in search of him and told she was searching for him and asked whether I am planning to go home for holidays I told there are no tickets for train or bus and I m planning to visit some nearby places.So we had a chat for some time on the places we visited and all. Then she asked where all I have visited in bangalore? I told very few places in bangalore like lalbagh,cubbon park, nandi hills etc. Immediately she asked “With girlfriend huh?”I told “No, I don’t have any”. She told “Do not lie” then I said “Promise, I don’t have any girlfriends. I have girls as friends but not girl friends”.

Then there was a huge flash of a firework above the sky she told “it’s too beautiful”. And came near the balcony to have a nice view.Now she’s just few feet’s from me and I can smell her scent it was so pleasant and I was feeling like heaven with such a sexy & lovely lady standing next to me. Then she asked “What’s the meaning of telling you have girls as friends and not gal friends? “then I told “We have many kind of fun with girl friends but not with the other group”.

So she looked in a questioning mode I said “I mean we will be having more physical relationship with a gal friend and laughed. She also joined the laughter and asked how long since I’m been in bangalore I told 2 yrs. Then she laughed and asked “Till now you didn’t find any gal? “I told “No, all have boyfriends” and gave a smile.

Her son now asked her permission to go down to play with other kids down.She warned not to play with crackers and sent him down. I was feeling relief that I can spend some time with her without any disturbance. There was a slight breeze and her hair was swaying in that. I appreciated her in the way she makeover she blushed and told “Thank you”. And she told me, “I am a beautician, if I doesn’t look good how can I survive?”

I acted as if I heard about her profession for the first time and asked “Do you have treatment for pimple scars?” coz my face had scars from pimples.She observed my face and told they have peeling and facial and stuff like that “If you want to try, I can do it on a discounted rate”, but you have to come to my parlor”.

I thought it’s a golden opportunity to get more close to her and I asked whether I can come the next day itself she told come day after coz she will be busy with so many people coming for diwali make overs. I agreed to it and collected the details of her shop and she gave me the card for contact details. I was in cloud number nine. I stayed in my friends apartments, after dropping him to the kr puram railway station and left next day but didn’t told all these things to him.

The next day I woke up early did all my routine stuff did some pushups to look thick.Wore a nice sleeveless shirt,I normally wear folded full sleeve or tee shirt and dialed her number. It was busy and I disconnected.I tried again but in vain, I got mood off. After a few minutes, she called me back and asked “Who is this” I told “It’s me” and introduced.She told sorry she was talking to her hubby on phone who is at hyderabad. And asked me to come at 10’o clock so that she will be free.

I was so happy and jumped onto my bike and reached there by 9:45 being,so punctual :).I went inside the parlor and there was a gal in the parlor and I asked “can I meet sruthy mam ?”(name changed).She told to sit and went in to call sruthy. After a few seconds she came with a charming smile and welcomed me and told the procedures she’s going to do how it will affect the skin and all I was not I a mood to listen but to get a touch of her soft marvelous hands on my face.

She asked me to come in and went to one of the cabin which has individual doors for the treatment. She asked me to lie down on a small bed and lifted my head so that she can massage and apply the facials. She told she goes with blackhead and whitehead removal and its little painful for the first time. That will reduce formation of pimples. I asked to go ahead coz I was craving for her soft touch. She started massaging on my face her hands which were so soft.

I felt like velvet and I was feeling so good and dick started creating problem inside my trousers, it created a slight bump on the crotch area which was barely noticeable, because of my underwear.She finished all the procedures and I didn’t felt the time is passing, time just ran away because I was too excited. After sometime she told “All are done but not to wash the face with soap for 2 days and if possible come after 10 days for another session and that makes huge difference on the scars” I agreed made the payment and left.

After 2 days I was feeling very fresh on my face but there were some pimple break outs so I thought its a chance to speak to her and make a way to seduce her. I called her greeted her “Good morning,how are you.Thank you very much sruthy I feel very nice and I can feel the difference”.She thanked me for my words and told “Do not get exposed to sun so much”. Then I told I m getting some break outs she told to wash face with cold water often and not to go out in sun.

So then she told “Now you can try for a girlfriend” and laughed,

I told “Let’s see but I donno much gals here. I have to search someone”.

So we chit chatted on gal friend and all for some time and I asked “Do you had any boyfriends?”

She told “What stupid question you are asking? I’ am married”. I told her “Being married doesn’t mean you can’t have boyfriends”.

Then she told “I’m not that type; why are you trying on me?”

I told “If you are ready I can be your boyfriend and gave a dirty laugh”. She told “Stupid!, you are younger to me and I’m 32 and you 27”.I told “For love age is not a matter at all”,then I told the story of “Cheeni -kam” movie she told all those only will happen in movies and not in real life.

I told real life stories are scripted in movies.

Then she told “I can’t be a girl friend but just friend”

.Then I again laughed and asked “Why? You are scared of me?”

She asked” why?”

Then I replied “About physical relationship?”

She again gave an irritating noise and told “You are so stupid and “I thought you are a good boy, you are so naughty and you are so dirty minded”. I told “I am grown enough to be dirty and naughty” she also laughed at that.And asked “so you want me to be your girlfriend?” I was getting so naughty and I knew that my plan is working. Then suddenly she told she have to think about it and she needs time.I told ” I will be here in bangalore and you can inform me any time since you have my number”. She told “Ok” and held the phone.

I was in dilemma.I was feeling like dump whether I did a mistake in a hurry and make her uncomfortable with me.The whole day I was thinking about it and losing a chance for fucking a luscious lady.

The same day evening I got a message from her asking “whether I had tea? “.I was so happy seeing it and told she got a client that’s why she held the phone and will talk later in the evening. My heart jumped in pleasure so that moment I was waiting. She gave me a missed call at night around 7 pm and I too give a call in return.I what sapped her how was her day and so. She told was too busy and feeling so tired. I told this is the time you need a good boyfriend for preparing a coffee and give a nice massage to you,

She told” you are again coming to the same topic again”.

I told “sorry if I hurt you”

She told “its ok, I can understand your feelings as a a desperate youngster and laughed. And asked me “what have you do if you were my boyfriend “?.This time I teased her that she is bringing the topic again. She gain insisted I told” I will prepare a good coffee for you, let you lie on the bed and will give a nice massage on your head. She told it’s not her head her legs which are paining because of standing for long time.

Then I asked “whether any one is around?”

She asked” why? “I told her I will call her.

She told “my kid is not around you can call me”.I called her she picked up I made a long “helooooo”.She also give a long reply. I asked her where are you having pain. She told her calf if paining.I asked her what is she wearing she told it’s a nightie.I asked her to lift her nightie till her knees.She told she did then I told “I will take some luke warm oil and slowly apply in on the calf while you lie on your belly”.


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