My First And Amazing Experience

Hi, my name is XXXXXX, I stay in Bangalore in an apartment provided by my company.It was a huge building and my flat is on the second floor which is very beautiful.I am unmarried and staying with my friend.

After few days family in 3rd floor vacated and a newly married couple entered the flat.After few days I go introduced to the husband and he is very friendly and working for an IT firm.We used to meet daily as both of our timings are pretty much same.

One day morning when I was about to go to office we met in parking and as my bike has a flat tyre, he offered me a ride in his car, but when we were about to start he got a call from his wife to stop for a min as she is bringing his lunch box, there I have seen her she is damn beautiful and he introduced me to her.

It was a nice talk and days passed and one day I was on leave (work from home) and I was staying in my flat, after some time I thought of going out to have some lunch as always I will have it in office and that day I don’t have mood to cook, then I met her in the lift after some general talks she offered me lunch instead, then I refused as it wouldn’t be good if anyone saw it.

But she insisted and I had to go.I told her that I will be there in 15 min she went and I went there and had a good lunch and I praised her for the taste of food. But she told me that it was normal and her husband doesn’t like her dishes and he mostly eat in the office.From that, we became good friends and started to talk much whenever we met accidentally.

Gradually in the office, I didn’t have much work and I started to work from home most of the time and used to have lunch and breakfast in her house.One Sunday, me and her husband went out together and I have known some things like they were married for almost 4 years and they don’t want kids and I he told many things which I didn’t know about them.

When I was with her I asked her about these things and she told that they are true and upon insisting she told that she doesn’t like the idea and also told that she is not satisfied with her husband and from there the story changes and I have seen her in other way and started to test my luck on her.

Forget to tell that I am still virgin and I am 25. I am a type of guy who doesn’t want to start anything wrong myself and I am waiting for the moment.Coming back I thought that moment has come and from there I started to treat her very passionately and I am pretty sure that she knows my intention, even though she don’t want to avoid me as she is starving for a male partner who could satisfy her.

She started to ask me different questions like about my girlfriends and I told her frankly that I don’t have any but I have friends who are girls and not in the other way.She didn’t believe me and trying to dig more info from me. Then I told her completely about me and at last told her that I have friends who are girls just like you.Then suddenly she told that are you treating me as the same as them.

That question erupted a volcano in my mind and thought she also has intentions on me.This continues like that and one day she called me and asked me whether I am going to home for holidays for which I told that I am planning to go and trying to book tickets.She told me that she got her husband permission to go to her native single.

As our destinations are just 100km far from each other and mostly in the same direction, she asked to book tickets in the same bus and finally I did the same. I booked a sleeper coach as she insisted on booking one as she might feel back pain while sitting at such a long distance.

Finally, that day came I was waiting for her at the bus stand and her husband dropped her and after some time as her husband doesn’t know this she stayed there until her husband leaves and came to me before boarding the bus.We boarded the bus and it was 7 pm, we don’t usually sleep until 10 pm at home.

We chitchatted for 2 hours and went to sleep in between at 12 I woke up and shocked to see that her leg is on my thigh and her hand is on my chest. I was surprised whether she accidentally did that or knowingly did it. For 30 min I enjoyed the scene and her touch.Didn’t do anything until I got a confidence.

Then slowly I started to touch her right shoulder and creasing and feeling her warmth and her scent.I was on cloud nine and my tool also raised and got ready.Suddenly she opened her eyes and parted from me, but still, I was acting like I was in deep sleep.That night went on and 4 in the morning my stop came and I got down the bus and she still has to travel 100 km.

The next day we both are chatting and she raised the night topic like whether I noticed or not.Then I acted and told her that I missed this and sent two smiles for which she shockingly replied that better luck in return journey.

So after that, our chats are very intimate and both know each other that something would happen in return journey.That day finally came and I again booked sleeper and boarded the bus.As soon as we boarded and got into our seats she closed the curtain and gave me a deep kiss on my lips which lasted for almost 10 min.

She told me that she was waiting for this moment for a long time when she saw me in the car with her husband on that day.That night I enjoyed like hell and after 1 am we slept nude under the blanket and woke up at 5 am and hurriedly dressed up to get down at our stop.From that day everything between us and my daily routine also changed.We enjoyed like anything and she was pretty much satisfied with me.

From that day I used to have 3 days work from home for a week, hope you guys know what I mean.If any girl wants to have fun here’s my mail id:([email protected]).

Don’ t worry about the privacy and I am not even mentioning the names by which you can understand it.

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