Fell For Daughter But Got Her Cougar Mom In Mangalore Part 1

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Hi all, this is Varunagni from Mangalore. This is probably my first story on this site though it’s not my first experience. After the first time I had sex with my ex, it led me to the sex world and we had gotten into the action many more times. But as she got married, I was alone and this made me check out aunties as it would be an experience and pleasure. So I am going to narrate the incident which happened between me and my neighbor aunty.

Let me start. It all got started when I shifted to a new apartment. On the same day, I saw a girl and I was totally turned on by her. She had a fluffy figure which I always used to love as my ex-girlfriend was also bit chubby. But as she was going somewhere, I didn’t get a good look at her. And as it was my first day, I went out to explore things and returned after some time. With God’s grace, while returning, she was waiting for the elevator and we boarded the lift together.

As our flat was on the 3rd floor, I stood behind and she was standing in front of me. What a view! I was mesmerized to see her curves. And suddenly the elevator stopped and I was happy. But it had reached the second floor and so she went out. I was disappointed.

I went home and I was not able to get over her thoughts. So I planned to talk to her and start a friendship. But I was bit scared as it was my first day. So I held my emotions and thought of waiting for right time. And on the same night, I had a dream of getting collided with her in a filmy way.

On the next day, I went to the balcony and tried peep to their balcony. Luckily for me, she was standing there and I thought of giving a sign. She noticed me, we exchanged a smile and it was a good move.

So, after that, the whole day I was roaming in the apartment to make that dream true but it didn’t happen.

Early morning on the next day, I went going to buy milk from the nearby shop and while returning, I was still sleepy and was waiting for the elevator. Then when it came, I went in and dashed with someone accidentally. Yes, it happened but it was not her but another lady. Hell! How awkward that was. But surprisingly, she was smiling. And I was shocked to see that reaction. But yeah, it was a good thing, her boobs were so soft that it was liking dashing into a Kurlon pillow!

As it was a powerful collision for both of us, she came near and asked me whether I am fine or what. And both of us just went to the sofa which was placed near the lift and sat there.

Then she started asking about me and I told her that I am new to the flat. Soon we were comfortable with each other. She was like my mom, being there for me and all. And then she said she was going to get milk. I told her that she can borrow a packet from me as I had an extra pack. She was fine with it and she called me to her home for a chai. I refused initially and then, I went with her.

She rang the bell and omg! The girl whom I was dreaming about opened the door and she was her daughter! I was so happy and I went in. I and her daughter were talking as the aunty went to make chai.

We were talking casually and her mom came and told her daughter to get ready for college and she went. I was disappointed and drank the chai and soon came back to my flat.

Then I got busy with setting up my house as my roommates were about to come back from their native.

After some days, I met the aunty again and she invited me to her home. I told her my roommates were waiting but agreed to come someday when they won’t be there.

And the day came and I went to her house in the evening as her daughter would also be there. I rang the bell and aunty opened the door. I went in and asked about her daughter. And she said, “Beta, even I am also a lady and you can flirt with me too!” with a smile.

I was shocked and asked her what she was talking about. And she gave a naughty smile. But I was new to this as I never thought about having sex with aunties. So I didn’t give any reply and changed the topic. We started talking about us and she told she is a single mother and she has been single for 7-8 years now.

Now I was beginning to understand but I was bit confused still. So I didn’t give any response to that and told about my ex and her marriage. And she said we both are in similar situation.

Now I got the hint and I said, “Yes, we are.”

She was so happy that she came near, sat beside me and started to tease me. But I was not ready and stood up. I told her bye and left. I guess she was disappointed.

The whole night, I was thinking about her and I searched on google about aunties and I found soo much stuff about them which turned me on. I was starting to have sexual urges towards aunties. But at the same time, as I was trying for her daughter. So I was not ready to go for that aunty.

Days passed and we were meeting but just casually. After a few more days, all my roommates had gone to their native and so I was all alone.

One day, the bell rang. Fuck! It was her. The naughty aunty was at my doorstep. I was turned on but was acted normally and opened the door. Hell! She was super hot in her nighty and she didn’t have a bra inside and her nipples were poking through that nighty.

My manhood was all rock hard and as I was in boxers, my bulge was visible. She gave a look down there and again that naughty smile came on her face. She had applied Ajmal attar on her body and it was driving me crazy. But I didn’t let my emotions show and asked her why she came.

She said, “Beta, I came give you milk.”

I asked, “What?!”

She said, “The milk packet I borrowed from you that day” and she showed me the milk packet. I took it from her hand and told her to sit. I went and kept the packet in the fridge and came back.

Me – I don’t have anything to offer you, aunty. So please don’t mind.
She – Beta, you are there, no? Give me your self (naughty smile)
Me- No aunty, I am not like that. I see you like my mother.
She – Then my daughter would be your sister.

Me – No
She – Why not?
Me – I don’t know.
She – He he

Me – Why are you laughing?
She – Because you are attracted towards my daughter.
Me – No! What rubbish are you saying?
She – I know. I have seen you while talking to my daughter. You always look at her assets.

Me- No! Please go, aunty (as I was a bit uncomfortable)
She – No, I need you today.

And she came forward, hugged me and started to press my bulge. I was on cloud nine and started to kiss her with all my lust.

We both were madly kissing each other and she pushed me on the sofa and removed my boxer and started to give me a blowjob. Fuck! She was sucking my dick like she gonna swallow whole dick. Wow, what a blowjob that was! Within few minutes, I loaded all my cum into her mouth. She was so happy as she was taking cock after many years.

And then it was my time to lead the show. I stood up and took her to the bedroom and removed her nighty. Wow, her melons were so big that I was not able to suck them properly. I was putting my mouth more and I got a small cut in my mouth due to the wild acts. She was moaning like hell.

So I turned on the music and came back. She had a clean shaved pussy. I went and took a chocolate and started to fuck her with that dairy milk stick. She was so enjoying it and screaming. Her pussy was tight and so I put my finger inside to make that chocolate deep into it.

Then I started to eat the chocolate from her pussy. Wow, it was a deadly combination of pleasure! And I was licking her more hard and she was moaning like,

“Ahh… Ahh… Come on, eat it… Harder.. Ahhh. Ahh. Come on. You bastard.. Eat that pussy… Eat it..”

It went on and then my little master was ready for the ride. I finished all the chocolate. It was yummy with her juices. So as I was ready, she asked for a pillow and she kept it under her back and opened her legs for me. Wow, what a day it was turning out to be! I was about to fuck a girl after many days.

I jumped in but it was not easy as matured women’s pussy will be slightly more slippery. But she guided me in and soon I was ramming her pussy. Also, her pillow trick worked as it was giving so much pleasure and she was enjoying it to the core. She was so happy that she promised me to help me with her daughter’s matter. I was happy as it was sone pe suhaga for me!

Then we tried different positions and after almost 3 hours, we were done. She was so happy and satisfied that she gave a kiss and told I am all yours from now on. Love you. And after that, we had sex many times. She kept her words and gave her daughter. I will explain it in the next part.

So guys, how was this incident. Waiting for feedback. Do give feedback  and all the aunties, girls in and around Mangalore ping me for any safe sexual favors. Want to get naughty? Then ping me, aunties. So boys keep peeping and aunties keep fingering.

Sex safe.

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