Dilliwali Girlfriend – Part 1

Hi readers, my name is Rocky you can contact me on [email protected]

I am writing about the pages that I read from the diary of my ex-girlfriend in her words about our relationship. It will be a little emotional but as she was a super horny girl so her writings are also the same. I will narrate each and every part of it in installments. This is the first one for you


Let’s continue in her words!


Hi my name is Mona! I live in Delhi. This is my diary.. I am from a middle-class family and I stay in north Delhi. I have a troubled family so I find my peace in the friends I have in the college and on the internet. I am very regular on Orkut and I have made many friends there.

One of such friend is rocky. He is a handsome guy and he hails from Maharashtra.

I met him on Orkut through a community and we started chatting I came to know more about him and slowly and gradually our chatting became a daily routine. I would chat with him online for hours and share my personal problems my joys and everything. He also would make me laugh and give me suggestions for my issues.

After 15 days we exchanged numbers and chatted via sms and started sharing non-veg jokes and opened up more.

One day he called me and I loved his style of talking and his heavy voice. He looked athletic and combination of his looks voice and style of talking made him irresistible to me.

After 3 days of talking on the phone, I proposed him and he agreed. As I am very horny kind of a girl I got wet in my pussy when he kissed me on the phone.

We shared a good amount of time on the phone. One night he called me and told me he is missing me and wanted me with him in his arms. let me tell you about me first!

I am a Punjabi girl I am curvy with flesh in the right places with a soft tummy and deep navel (which rocky loves) I am 5’3 inches tall with fair color and as rocky loves, I have long hair and I have pierced my navel for him.

My stats are 34b-28-36. I am not a soft core person but I love to be rough and tough and like to be dominated by my men. In my previous relation, I had a lot of sex as I get aroused easily and love to have long fucking sessions with hardcore sex style. I broke up with my last bf as he cheated on me. so coming back to the story.

Rocky told me that he wished I was there and I started to leak in my panties. I asked him what will he do if I was there he said he would kiss me, hug me, smooch me and kiss all over my body. Then he asked me whether I would let him do all this and I said he can do whatever he wants and I am totally under his control. Then he asked me to close my eyes and we started to have our first phone sex.

R: mona! Come close to me.

M: yes babyyyy I am close to you.

R: mona! I am now kissing you on your lips ummaah ummaaah!!

M: yes jaan!! Kiss me ummaaah ummaah lick my lips play with my tongue kiss me eat me

R: now I am kissing your cheeks, you neck umaaaah uuumaah licking your neck!

M: oh yeaaahh babyyy!! I am loving it lick me bite me take me forever!!

R: now I am removing your top and bra. Squeezing your boobs and licking and biting your nipples.

M: yessss babbyy I love it please keep doing it I am so wet I want you to bite my nipples hard bite them hard till it pains.I love that jaanu

R: yes baby I am biting them hard and scratching your body with my nails.now I tear open your panty and slap your pussy.

M: oooohh myyy goddd!! I love that.Slap my cunt and rub my clit jaan!! Keep biting my boobs I want your teeth mark on it.Oooohh jaann

R: yeah baby I am doing it to you.I am rubbing on the clit and fingering your pussy my whore.wow you are so damn wet!

M: I am wet only for you my jaan.Keep doing it I am close I am cominngg oh shittt what are you doing to mee I am comiiing!!

And I came hard after some time when my orgasm subsided I said

M: baby now let me serve you.Please

R: sure bitch!! What will you do???

M: I wanna lick and suck your dick till you come in my mouth.

R: in your mouth!! You wanna drink my cum you cum slut.

M: yes baby I love drinking cum and I always want you to cum in my mouth or on my boobs. I will rub your cum on my body and lick it as well. Tell me you will do that for me please!!!

R: sure bitch I will feed you my cum whenever you want only if you promise to be my slut!!

M: I am all yours baby and I promise to be your slut till you want.Please cum in my mouth now.

R: yeah sure baby.Ooooh yeaah here I cumm Ooohh fffuucckk! That was awesome babe.I love you!

M: I love you too my darling. It was so awesome to have this hot conversation with you. I came so hard that I have wet my panties completely. I will have to change before I sleep

R: why change babe? Sleep without them. it will be great fun.

M: accha, in the morning if someone walks into my room then?

R: accha! Who will come? Your brothers or mom?

M: waise toh mom hi uthati hai savere lekin kabhi kabhi dad bhi aa jate hain room mein.

R: so what cover yourself up with a blanket or bed cover and sleep.Who knows what you are wearing inside!

M: ok.I will do that but what will I get in return??

R: what do you want?

M: you! Here in Delhi.Ab bolo?

R: okay, I will try to come. But you arrange a place for me to stay where you & I can stay without any trouble.Is that a deal?

M: sure my jaan that I can do.

R: okay then. Chalo ab soye qunki I am tired and I have a busy day tomorrow.

M: sure love you bye!!

R: love you too bye.

End of part 1

Rest of the story to follow. If anyone would like to contact me for no strings attached fun, contact me on [email protected] Any ladies around Nagpur region can feel free to contact.Secrecy 100% assured.

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