Desi Sex Story Of A Mallu Beauty In Hijab

Love for sex made me a part-time gigolo in Bangalore. Initially, it was sounding funny to have sex for money. Started off with my known circle and later through the Internet and now with all these, I have a good clientele in Bangalore and Delhi. Of course, I do love to go out and meet friends and have some casual encounters. Life is spicy and enjoyable with lots of good experiences. I welcome your comments, feedback, and suggestions. You can reach me at my [email protected] any time. Hope you do enjoy my sex story.

The story which I am going to share is with the permission of my client whom I have been serving for last year and a half. I met Shafana through a friend of mine to consult for an E-Commerce site which she was planning for her own boutique. She is a very well educated girl from a well-known business family.

Her husband travels a lot for business and she stays home mostly. So, to pass her time, someone suggested her to sell the clothes which she designs online. That is where I came in. So, I met her in the boutique and we went into the business and planned everything in a week and started the work the next week. During this time, I went to a private party with another client of mine and Shafana was there.

Next day, I met Shafana and she asked me how I know my client and so on. Hesitantly, I said that I am a part-time gigolo as well and serve clients for which she said she got the information from my client who I went to the party with and she is her good friend. Same day evening, I got a call asking whether I can do massage for her for which I said yes. So, she told me to come at night. Before starting, I wanted to describe her physique. Her stat was 34D 30 36. A slightly chubby babe with all superb essentials.

I reached her home at 7 PM and had a chit chat for a while. She was surprisingly open minded at this time and I was seeing her without hijab for the first time. Shafana wanted a good massage and told me not to hesitate to make her happy and she winked. I was quite happy and I told her we will go to the room and get things started.

She asked if it is ok if she doesn’t use the towel and be completely naked. I said yes and she lied down in the bed. I prepared the oil and lit some aroma candles to set the mood and dimmed the room lights. Then, I started with some prep and stretches. Then, I used some mint infused oil which is a really good one.

I slowly started massaging her back working down from her shoulders. With a good pressure, she was enjoying it. The slowly started massaging her butts I took some oil in my palm and rubbed it to increase the heat and dropped it bit by bit in the butt hole for which she moaned.

Slipped slowly between her butt hole and pussy. The tingling effect of mint made her moan. I concentrated on the poor between her pussy and butt hole for a while. I felt her breathing getting deeper and deeper. Her pussy was wet by now. I slowly started massaging the back of her legs and told her to turn over.

Her face a looking quite happy. Asked her how it was so far. She was very happy about it. Then I went to upper part of shoulders and worked down to her breasts. She moaned slightly when I touched her nipples. I rubbed some oil on my palm and dropped to both her nipples. Her nipples got erect and I gently massaged. Worked down her abs and hips.

Then, I reached her thighs and massaged her inner thighs and started massaging her pussy lips and was feeling her moans. I worked down to her legs and feet. Finished off with a gentle head massage.

Shafana was quite wet and horny by now and her face was saying this. She but her lips and pulled me towards her and kissed me like crazy. I was shocked and surprised. She asked whether I can fuck her the whole night. For which I said yes. She pulled again to kiss me but I stopped her and said I need to take a good warm shower. I took my shower and came back to the bedroom.

I gave her a beautiful kiss and she whispered in my ears she wants her pussy to be eaten. Then, I parted her legs and started sucking it crazy with my hand and tongue technique, I made her crazy to crave for more. She came twice during this time.


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