Desi Aunty Fucked And Gets Her Sexual Desires Fulfilled

Hi friends, this is Charan back again with another hot story. This story describes my sex experience with a mature aunt.

So readers, get ready to stroke your cocks and aunts be ready to wet your pussies.

It was a few months back after posting many of my indian sex story experiences, I got several comments from people.I felt thankful to my readers for appreciating my stories.

After few days, I got a message from an aunt named Suvarna. She was impressed with all of my stories and wanted my information.

Suvarna – Hi! Your story is nice.

Me – Thank you, bro.

Suvarna – I am a female!

Me – Really? Where are you from?

Suvarna – I am from Vizag, india and I stay in Gajuwaka.

Me – Oh fine. I stay near to Gajuwaka.

Suvarna – Actually I need your contact number.I want to talk to you personally.

Me – Ok.

After having a phone talk, I came to know that she was 55 years old. She lost her husband at the age of 40. She had a daughter who got married recently and was living with her husband. Even since her husband passed away, she was living a lonely life at home.

Her daughter advised her to come and stay along with them.She wanted to go there.She was a regular indian sex stories reader and wanted a horny fuck to satisfy her bodily desires. She wanted me to satisfy her like the way I satisfied my partners in the story. She wanted one last sex in her life.

I felt very happy and waited long for the chance.She told me the date and time.

Finally, the day came.I called her and told her to wait near the bus stop.

After reaching there, I saw her. She was in a saree. To my excitement, she had big boobs. She had few white hairs. Seeing me,  she smiled at me and took me to her house. She locked all the doors and windows from inside.

Suvarna – What are you waiting for?? Open your, clothes!

Me – Madam..Can we have a shower together first?

Suvarna – Ok, let’s get fresh first then.

We both went into the bathroom.I quickly removed all my clothes and got nude. She slowly removed her saree. She turned to the wall showing her back to me.

I unhooked her bra and hugged her tight from behind. My dick started unfolding when I touched her ass. My dick was pressed and between her ass cheeks.

I inserted my hand inside her panties and reached her pussy. Soon my fingers were inside her pussy lips. She had a loose and wet pussy. I began fingering it deep by stroking my fingers hard inside her pussy. She moaned loud. Then I stopped and turned her to my side.

I kneeled down and pulled down her panties slowly. Her panties were very tight and I felt some resistance while pulling it down. Then I took it out and smelled it. It had a nice smell and wet marks on it.

Now I looked at her pussy. She hadn’t shaved her pussy and had a lot of hairs there. I was not able to see her pink colored pussy entrance. So I stretched her pussy lips with my two fingers and then licked her pussy pushing my tongue deep into it.

She moaned loud, “Aaaaaahhhhh”

I began sucking her pussy faster. My tongue could feel a small amount of her precum. It was salty. I sucked even harder and she got hold of my hair with both hands and pulled it hard in wild pleasure. She told me to stop and get up.

I came up kissing her belly and circling my tongue near her sexy navel. Then I went further up and kissed her lips. She planted deep kisses on my neck and reached my lips.

She grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed them hard. Then she opened the shower. I took some soap and applied it to our bodies.

We began kissing wildly under the shower. She was taking deep breaths. I lifted her holding her butt and pressed her body onto the wall for support. Then I inserted my big cock inside her pussy. I was able to control her moans by planting deep kisses on her lips.

Then I began drilling her in and out. This continued for almost 15 minutes until I cummed in her vagina. She cummed well before that. She then sucked my cock and pressed my balls hard.

After the bath, we went to the bedroom. I laid on the bed pointing my dick at 90 degrees. She took my cock into her mouth once again. She blew me very hard and made my cock even harder.

Then she sat on my dick and took my dick inside her pussy. She rode me holding my two hands very tight. Her big boobs were bouncing up and down and that. I squeezed her boobs with my hands. I bit her tits with my mouth and stretched it. She was screaming while I was doing it. I brought my fingers to her ass and rubbed there. I spanked her assets with my hands while riding her. She cummed and fell on me.

After some time, we got to 69 positions. I licked her ass and her pussy clean that time.

On the other side, she jerked my cock up and down. I shot my big load on her face. She drank some and left it. She rode over my face too and I took her pussy juice in my mouth.

After some rest, I took her in doggy position and inserted my dick into her ass hole as she wanted to enjoy every pleasure.

“Ahhhhhhhhh… Fuck fuck fuck.. Yaa yaa”, she shouted in pain and pleasure.

I pulled her hair and slapped her butt hard. I even squeezed her both boobs with my both hands from the back.

At last, we had the final climax. She slept hugging me tightly and rubbed my balls with her hand.

After we woke up, we had a bath together. I did not meet her again as she moved to her daughter’s place.

It was an erotic experience, to say the least.

So girls and ladies, if you really want a horny fuck don’t feel shy to ask.

Privacy will be maintained for sure.You can ping me on [email protected], post your suitable comments to my mail.

What did you think of this story??


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