Best Time With Aparna

Hi friends, I am Manish. I am from Jaipur and lives in Bangalore. I am working in a MNC in Bangalore. My email id is [email protected] Please provide your valuable comments about the story on my email. I am fan of iss and have been reading stories here for last 4 years. I always used to be disappointed why I do not get any chance to have sex like other people. Finally I got this chance 5 months back.

I was staying in a society flat in Bangalore. My neighbors were a family with 2 children aged 6 and 7 years. I came to know them when there was function in the society and I was helping to organize the program as I was staying all alone after the program Nvaeen and his wife Aparna, my neighbors, became very friendly with me. I used to call him Naveen bhaiya. He used to come home just for a talk sometimes. His children also used to come with him and play with the ps 3 that I had so it became a routine for them to come to my house on weekends and holidays to play.

I also never minded the same, sometimes I used to get food from them and vice versa. Naveen was a businessman and used to be frequently out on business. His children would come to my house and play. One Saturday evening they came home and wanted to play, I told them OK and I went to the terrace for a smoke, after some time I heard someone coming to the terrace and saw it was Aparna, we just greeted each other and sat there talking to each other, we were discussing the program and other general things, I asked her if she will have some coffee as it was a chill night, she told OK and we went to my house.

I made coffee for both of us and her children were still playing. This used to happen frequently whenever her husband was on tour. One day she came as usual wearing a new nightgown, she was looking damn pretty in it and I complimented her for the same, she blushed and turned away asking her children to go home and sleep, as it was late night, they wanted to finish the game and asked me too. I told ok finish it and go. I and Aparna sat down and were talking to each other, she asked me if I had some wine, as I don’t drink I told no, if needed I will get some tomorrow, she told OK.

The children finished the game and they went home. The next day I brought some red wine. The next day they had some guests in their house and she was busy with them, I was watching some x rated film on my laptop, when I heard a knock on my door, I just closed my laptop, the movie was still running, I opened the door and saw Aparna there with a big plate of food and sweets she had made. I asked her to sit and went to keep the plate in the kitchen, when I came back she closed the laptop and was acting as if nothing happened.

I think she was watching the movie that was playing in the laptop which I had forgotten to put off. I asked her if she wanted some wine as she as she looked tired, she told ok and I filled a glass for her, she was telling what a hectic day she had with the guests. After her drink I refilled her glass again, she had the second glass and went home. Next day Naveen bhaiya arrived from his trip and it was as usual for some days. He left for his trip again, and it was the usual her children coming to my house daily to play and we used to meet daily.

Aparna was about 30 years old, a lean slightly dark complexes lady with good figure, whenever she would come to my house she would be in a nightgown, sometimes a bit transparent. It was a Saturday when I was doing some work, when her children came and told that their mother wanted some film to watch, I gave them my file and asked her to choose and return me the file, I checked curiously which film she wanted to see, she had chosen some English films and the same x movie I was watching on the laptop the other day, and asked her children to play in my house, I could guess what she was going thru.

In the evening she brought some films back, I asked her to put it in the file as I went to make some coffee. We had the coffee and I asked her how the films were; she told it was fine as she was bored at home and wanted to relax watching some films. Her children had gone down to play, I asked her if she liked the x movie, she blushed and wanted to go, I held her hand and made her sit next to me and she told me she never had sex with her husband for about 2 years as he had some problem.


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