Best Time With Aparna

Hi friends, I am Manish. I am from Jaipur and lives in Bangalore. I am working in a MNC in Bangalore. My email id is [email protected] Please provide your valuable comments about the story on my email. I am fan of iss and have been reading stories here for last 4 years. I always used to be disappointed why I do not get any chance to have sex like other people. Finally I got this chance 5 months back.

I was staying in a society flat in Bangalore. My neighbors were a family with 2 children aged 6 and 7 years. I came to know them when there was function in the society and I was helping to organize the program as I was staying all alone after the program Nvaeen and his wife Aparna, my neighbors, became very friendly with me. I used to call him Naveen bhaiya. He used to come home just for a talk sometimes. His children also used to come with him and play with the ps 3 that I had so it became a routine for them to come to my house on weekends and holidays to play.

I also never minded the same, sometimes I used to get food from them and vice versa. Naveen was a businessman and used to be frequently out on business. His children would come to my house and play. One Saturday evening they came home and wanted to play, I told them OK and I went to the terrace for a smoke, after some time I heard someone coming to the terrace and saw it was Aparna, we just greeted each other and sat there talking to each other, we were discussing the program and other general things, I asked her if she will have some coffee as it was a chill night, she told OK and we went to my house.

I made coffee for both of us and her children were still playing. This used to happen frequently whenever her husband was on tour. One day she came as usual wearing a new nightgown, she was looking damn pretty in it and I complimented her for the same, she blushed and turned away asking her children to go home and sleep, as it was late night, they wanted to finish the game and asked me too. I told ok finish it and go. I and Aparna sat down and were talking to each other, she asked me if I had some wine, as I don’t drink I told no, if needed I will get some tomorrow, she told OK.

The children finished the game and they went home. The next day I brought some red wine. The next day they had some guests in their house and she was busy with them, I was watching some x rated film on my laptop, when I heard a knock on my door, I just closed my laptop, the movie was still running, I opened the door and saw Aparna there with a big plate of food and sweets she had made. I asked her to sit and went to keep the plate in the kitchen, when I came back she closed the laptop and was acting as if nothing happened.

I think she was watching the movie that was playing in the laptop which I had forgotten to put off. I asked her if she wanted some wine as she as she looked tired, she told ok and I filled a glass for her, she was telling what a hectic day she had with the guests. After her drink I refilled her glass again, she had the second glass and went home. Next day Naveen bhaiya arrived from his trip and it was as usual for some days. He left for his trip again, and it was the usual her children coming to my house daily to play and we used to meet daily.

Aparna was about 30 years old, a lean slightly dark complexes lady with good figure, whenever she would come to my house she would be in a nightgown, sometimes a bit transparent. It was a Saturday when I was doing some work, when her children came and told that their mother wanted some film to watch, I gave them my file and asked her to choose and return me the file, I checked curiously which film she wanted to see, she had chosen some English films and the same x movie I was watching on the laptop the other day, and asked her children to play in my house, I could guess what she was going thru.

In the evening she brought some films back, I asked her to put it in the file as I went to make some coffee. We had the coffee and I asked her how the films were; she told it was fine as she was bored at home and wanted to relax watching some films. Her children had gone down to play, I asked her if she liked the x movie, she blushed and wanted to go, I held her hand and made her sit next to me and she told me she never had sex with her husband for about 2 years as he had some problem.

So I turned her face to me and asked her if I can help her, she just put her head on my shoulder and shook her head, I lifted her face up and kissed her lips she embraced me hard opening her mouth, she embraced me tighter, now we were having very passionate kiss. I was spreading my hands on her back and she was spreading her hands into my hairs. Then I took her hand and placed it on my hard dick, she was pressing it slowly kissing me, with one hand around her I was slowly pressing on her breasts, after some time we broke the kiss and she told the children will come now, she will come later. She got up to leave I went behind her and embraced her from behind and was kissing her bare shoulders, biting her ears slowly, she arched to my kissing” oh Manish please later “. And went home giving me a kiss. The children came home after playing. Later that night after the children had slept, she came to my house with some fried snacks, and she was wearing a long t-shirt with soft tight pants underneath. She told she wanted some wine, I filled up a glass for her, we sat next to each other my arms went around her and she put her head on my shoulders.

I slowly put my hands on her stomach inside her t-shirt and pressed softly; she held her lower lips with her teeth and moaned in delight. I in my shorts and, she put her hands on my hard dick and was pressing slowly, my hands were moving up her body slowly feeling her stomach to her breasts, she had a bra on, I felt her breasts and squeezed them slightly, she arch up now and I went down to kiss her breasts over her t-shirt she moaned and said “uuuumm after such long time feels good; do it slowly Manishhh, ooohhhh ahhhhh”. I was sucking her nipples over her t-shirt; her hands were fiercely pressing my dick.

I went up and kissed her lips, and now pulled up the t-shirt to her breasts, I broke the kissing and pulled off her t-shirt, she embraced me tightly, I told her I want to see you, she shook her head as if no, and hugged me tightly, I also embraced her and we were like that for some time. I slowly released the embrace and slid my hands to her tummy and then to her thighs, she was holding them tight together, I slowly tried to insert my hands between them, she did not allow me to, I then opened her bra hooks from behind and felt her smooth back, there were goose bumps on them.

She lifted her face and kissed me, she was looking great now, very beautiful, and kissing her I moved my hands to her breasts and slowly was feeling her melons. I held her taut tits between my fingers and pressed slightly, she embraced me hard sucking my tongue, her hands were pushing my sorts down, I lifted my hips and slid off my shorts and undies, she felt my shaved dick filling her soft hands she pressed it slowly and broke the kiss, and looked at my hard dick in her hands, it was a great feeling having a soft hand around my rod.

She was moving it slowly up down masturbating me, I leaned on my back and just relaxed, my hands around her shoulders pressing her breasts and tits, I told her I cannot control I want to see hers also, she said, ” wait let me feel u first”, she was now moving her hands faster and faster, looking at me and smiling, I pulled her to me and kissed her again. We went to the bedroom and I became fully nude and lay down, my hard dick taut and pulsating, she said “Manishh wow u r so hard”.

She held my dick again and was playing with it. My hands were in her hairs pressing her to me her naked breasts pressing to my chest, I slowly moved my hands to her ass inside her pants and felt he naked ass and pressed her to me, she moaned “uuumm ” and was kissing me hard, moving her hips slowly. I pushed her pants off her ass slowly and pushed her down, went to kiss her breasts and felt her tits in my mouth, she arched to my kissing and screamed ” ooohhh Manisshh feels good don’t stop, yes yes.

Gooo onnn, take me, oh yes, my hands slowly went to her pussy and felt the slit, she arched her hips to my touch, I went on kissing her breasts and slowly down to her tummy, all along my hands were pushing her pants down, I felt her thighs, it was smooth and soft, I pressed them lightly and felt her pussy, it was a bit hairy, wet during our foreplay, she pressed my hands with her legs not allowing me to go further, as I was playing with her pussy, she was twitching in delight, her lower lips held tightly in her mouth. Then I started inserting my finger into her pussy and moving finger inside. She was moaning very loudly. I kissed on her thighs then planted a kiss on the pussy. She held my head and put it on her pussy with force. I stated doing passionate kisses on the pussy. She was holding my head tightly on her pussy. I smelled very good. I inserted tongue into the pussy. Her pussy was being more and wet. She kept moaning. Oh Manishh you are so good. I can’t control now. Please come and take me.

I came up and gave her a long kiss on lips. I laid on her. My penis was touching her thighs. Then she made her legs apart and held my penis and touched it with her pussy. I started making force and my penis started going inside her pussy. Both of us were taking breathes heavily. In few seconds my penis was fully inside her. I was fucking her. She was saying oh yes, please keep fucking me. Fuck me hard. I got excited hearing these words and increase my speed. Now it was very passionate fucking session. I was doing it with all my strengths and she was moaning loudly. After some time I came inside her. I kept sleeping on her. We both were very relaxed.

I said her “I love you Aparna, I have never felt such a great in my life.” then she gave me a kiss and said “I love you too”. Then we talked some romantic things. After some time my penis started getting erected again. She holds it and started playing with it. Then she gave a kiss on my penis and started sucking it. I was like in heaven. I was moaning loudly. She was doing it very nicely. Then we both kissed. I said I want to fuck you in my favorite style which I saw in much porn. She smiled and said I am all yours sweetheart, do whatever you want.

I made her lie on a table such that her ass was on the edge of the table. I stand between her legs and started pushing my penis into her pussy. In the same position I started fucking her. It was a better fucking session then before one. She kept moaning loudly and I kept increasing my speed. After some time we both came and felt relaxed. Then we slept nude hugging each other.

In morning we had one more session and we had bath together. I gave her pussy licking again in bathroom. After taking bath she said that she needs to go as her children might wake up. Later we had breakfast and lunch together. We spent around 6 days like this with full enjoyment. I had the most amazing time of my life with her. Then Naveen bhaiya came home. We stopped meeting after that. We used to pass smile whenever we had eye contact. After 2 months they moved from that society as they had bought their own flat. After that I talked with Aparna on phone few times but we never met. I wanted to meet her but she didn’t allow me. That’s it. I still miss those 6 days. Please write feedback to me on [email protected]

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