Best Foreplay Ever With Beautiful Neighbour

Hello everyone! This is Parth, 23 years old from Pune. I have completed my BE in mechanical engineering and I am currently looking for a job. I have an athletic body and I am very talkative. This desi tale is about my sexy neighbour Sayali to whom I got attracted and ended up in satisfying her physical needs through the best foreplay I could give.

The hot story goes like this.

Next to my flat married couple came to stay on rent. The male was 29 years old and the female (Sayali) is 25 years old.

Sayali was a teacher in a private school and her husband was working in an MNC. Her husband goes early for work in the morning and comes back late at night after his duty. Sayali is a curvy girl with all assets any man can fall in love with her.

At the time they came as our neighbors we just had a formal talk and that time I noticed that they were very reserved people and the couple was not happy with each other.

After 3 months, one day my bell rang and I saw it was Sayali. She was looking quite tensed. She told me to call her husband from my number as she had lost her mobile.

Later she told me to call on her number. I called and her cell was switched off but later after 2 hours, a man picked up my call and I contacted Sayali. So we went there, got her phone back and came home.

It was the first time I was going to her house. Her house was all messed up. She offered me coffee, I drank it and left after some time. From the next day onward, we were on WhatsApp forwarding normal messages like gm gn etc.

One day she messaged me and said she got tickets of “Conjuring 2” from gift vouchers. Since her husband was out of town, she asked me whether I can join her? I readily agreed and we went to Pheonix market city and watched that movie.

During the movie, we had some unexpected but normal body touches.

Later we went to the restaurant in Viman Nagar. There was a couple kissing and we were getting sensual after seeing it.

Sayali was staring them for long. That time I asked her, “Hey, your husband is so lucky why are you watching them?”

She was shocked, came back to her senses and asked, “Kya?” (what?)

I said, “Means tumhi khup sundar dista ani sagla ahe tumchyakade” (you look pretty and you got all the assets).

Then she gave a naughty smile but replied in an upset tone, “Tey gharich nastaat asle tari nusta duty futy kartaat” (my hubby stays little time at home and he only thinks about his job).

Later we went home and I Whatsapped her asking, “When did you do it last time? Be frank, please.”

Sayali: 3 months back and that too..

Me: ‘that too’ means?

Sayali: arey kahi nahi (nothing re)

Me: k nako bolus bye good night.

Sayali: arey my hubby only wants me to give kids, bass.

Me: what?! So you don’t enjoy?

Sayali: arey kay bolu ata (arey what to say now)

Me: good night

She didn’t reply this time.

Next day her hubby left for his work. She came home from her school around 2.30 pm. I was waiting for her and never wanted to miss a chance.

As she walked in, I was standing near the apartment elevator.

She: ikde kay kartos (what are you doing here?)

I: tumchich vaat baghtoy (I was waiting for you)

She: kaa re (why?)

I: ek kaam ahe tumchya kade (I got to do some work with you)

She: chal ghari ani sang (let’s go home, then say)

I: kaal ratri pasun jhoplo nahi fakta tuch ani tuch athavtes please ek kiss karu shakto tula (since the last night I was only thinking of you and wanted to have you badly)

She(angrily): ghari jaa gappa parat yeu nakos..(go home…And never come back).

I grabbed her hand. But she removed my hand and went to her bathroom. Then she got fresh and came out and went to her bedroom without saying anything.

Then I went to her bedroom and grabbed her from the back and kissed her neck.

She: hey thik nahe ahe (this is not right)

But I continued kissing her. Then I looked into her eyes and kissed her lips and she started responding. We kissed for about 7-8 minutes.

Then I started to undress her. She was responding too, so I got the confidence to proceed. Soon we both were in undergarments. And to my surprise, she started to lick my chest. I realized that she needed maximum and the best foreplay.

Me: aaj tar asa divas dakhavnaar ki tu kadhich visarnaar nahi (you will never forget this day)

Saying that I started tickling her on her navel and started licking and started licking her whole body. Then I turned her and started licking her back, her ass and then her toes.

After 20 -25 minutes of foreplay –

She: I want it now..

She started licking me and said, “Majha main point kar ata” (lick my pussy now)

So we came in 69 position, removed our underwears and started licking each other’s private parts.

It was heaven yaar. I had never seen such a sweet and cute pussy like her. We liked it a lot. We did it for 10 minutes, during which I ejaculated in her mouth and she cummed twice.

After a wild 69, we just lay there for some time.

After an hour, my tool was erect again.

She: majyat tey taak ata.. Olli jhaliye me (insert your tool, I am wet now)

By then, we both were covered in our sweat.

Then I inserted my tool and started fucking my beautiful neighbour. She couldn’t hold for longer and she hit her orgasm within the next couple of minutes. After 15- 20 minutes of vigorous strokings, I sprayed my cum on her lovely navel.

After that, she kissed me and told me it was the best foreplay and best fuck she had in her life.

But guys, the sad part is that we didn’t another chance to fuck as they soon shifted to Mumbai. But we had some kissing sessions.

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