Aftermath Of A Party – Part 3

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Hello, my dear sexy Desi Tales readers. I am Neha and I am here to continue my story, “Aftermath Of A Party”. You can also read,”Aftermath Of A Party – Part2″.

I happened to read some absurd comments recently but I wanted to say to those guys, I am not bothered and I will still continue to write as there are many people who like my posts. I also receive many motivating and appreciating responses from my fans. So, let’s continue with the story.

Well, let me summarize the previous parts in short. This incident took place when I was in the college.

Suresh was my boyfriend in the college. He used to buy me anything I liked including clothes. He bought me short dress for a weekend party. There we were heavily drunk and Suresh was playing pool with a guy named Kumar who was with his girlfriend Shiney.

The guys went crazy and started to place girls as their bets. Suresh won the game finally and took Shiney home. I really wanted Kumar to win.

Suresh started to show his true colors by abusing me in front of the new girl and forced me to watch them having sex.He put up one condition. If I wanted to leave, I should hand over the dress I was wearing back to him as he bought that for me and walk out naked.

When they went into the shower to wash them up, I copied Kumar’s number from Shiney’s phone to mine.

I texted Kumar and he replied back. So here is how it went,

Me: Hi, I am Neha. The girl in the pub? I was with Suresh. We kissed after the first game? Remember?
Kumar: Of course, I remember. So, what are you doing? I thought you will be busy fucking your boyfriend.
Me: He is such a douchebag.
K: Why? What happened?
Me: Nothing. He knows I don’t like group sex and he started to abuse me.

K: Is Shiney happy?
Me: She even forced me to join them but I slapped her. I am sorry.
K: Don’t be sorry. I am about to dump her anyways. Tell me what happened?

I texted him exactly what happened. I also sent him the address of the guest house. In ten minutes, he came there and was knocking the door. Suresh thought it was his security and he got dressed and answered the door. I and Shiney were following him to the door. He was shocked to see Kumar.

Suresh: Dude. We agreed that winners will have the girl for the whole night. I am not going to send Shiney now.
Kumar: I am not here for Shiney.
Suresh: Why are you here?
K: I am here for Neha.

Suresh: She is my girlfriend. What business you have with her?
Me: I am not your girlfriend anymore. So, I won’t stay here.
Suresh: Then, my dress…

Kumar gave me his jacket. I went in and took off my dress and the bra and panties as well as he bought all these. I wore Kumar’s leather jacket and threw those clothes on Suresh’s face.

Shiney: What about me?
Kumar: You are not my girlfriend anymore. Continue fucking this bastard.

I and Kumar left in his car. I was in tears on the way.

K: It’s okay. Stop crying. Where do you want me to take you.
Me: I can’t go like this to my home. My aunt will kill me. Please take me somewhere and can you buy me some clothes to wear tomorrow? Only then I could go home.
K: Sure. Don’t cry.

He pressed my bare thigh. Only then, I realized that I was wearing just a jacket and nothing inside. I could feel the chillness of the seat as I was feeling with my naked ass.

I suddenly grabbed a towel to cover my lower body but Kumar stopped my hand. He even stopped the car in an isolated place. It was 2 AM.

He looked in my eyes. Soon, we started to kiss each other passionately.

He started the car and we were going to his house. He was staying alone in his house as his parents stay abroad. I covered my lower body with the towel and ran into his home. He was following me. I don’t want to waste time as I knew what was about to happen.

I took off my towel and the jacket once I reached there. I was naked in front of the guy whom I met in the pub. He was shocked to see my boobs and shaved pussy.

He came round me once and hugged me from behind. I liked the touch of his body on my ass. I unbuttoned his shirt and took off his pants. We both were naked. He took me to the bed and made me lie.

He touched my breasts and my body began to shiver. He rubbed his hands on my nipples and that was arousing me a lot. I pulled him on me and we were locking our lips.

Soon, both our mouth were wet. I came on top of him and took his penis in my pussy. I sat on him with his manhood in me. I was moving on his cock and the pleasure was taking me to the heaven.

He grabbed my boobs and was pressing me while he was moving his penis in my cunt.

After some time, I went on my favorite doggy position and he entered my ass. He was fucking me hard and I was enjoying his cock and the pain in my ass. After a long time, he came in my ass.

We continued our sex in the shower too. We slept naked and the next morning, I was wearing his boxer and his jacket while he was out buying me some clothes. Once he came back, we had one more session and I left to my home.

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