Aftermath Of A Party – Part 2

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Hello, Desi Tale readers. I am Neha and I am back with the continuation of my story, “Aftermath Of A Party”. I am really grateful to all the guys who have been supporting me ever since my first post on this site. Hope I am giving you guys, a good content and satisfy you. Please continue the good work and keep motivating the writers like me.

Let me take you guys through a quick summary of the previous part. I was twenty when that incident happened and I was studying in the college. That was the weekend party where I wore my first short clothes and my boyfriend Suresh was playing a pool game with a guy called Kumar. He had a girlfriend Shiney.

We all were drunk and were crazy. Soon, the boys started to keep girls as their bets.

Suresh lost the first game and so Kumar and I kissed passionately as per the bet. The second game was won by Suresh and he pressed Shiney’s boobs. They went on to play the final game which decides the winner.

So, the situation was like, winner takes all. If a guy wins that final game, he could take both me and Shiney to his home for the night. Really it was crazy but we were a bunch of crazy kids who were drunk on top of that. I was really hoping Kumar to win as I really liked the way he kissed me. I was curious to know how he was on the bed.

The game was going very intense. Everyone over there was on the edge of their seats and I was literally biting my nails. Finally, Suresh won the game.

There was heavy applause. He went crazy and was posing in front of Kumar. His face was very sad and I really felt sorry for Kumar secretly but pretend that I was happy in front of Suresh. After the applause slowed down, Suresh went to Kumar.

Suresh: Are you man of your words, dude?
Kumar: Of course.
Suresh: (Looking at Shiney) Shall we go home baby?
Shiney: Sure. I am ready.
Kumar: Be careful with her. It is just a one night only relation. Don’t you dare to hurt her or have any feelings for her? Understood?
Suresh: I know. I already have a girlfriend. Okay? I don’t want your advice. Later, loser.

We left but I was looking at his sad face. Well, he was smart and handsome than Suresh. He was nicely built and was good sense in terms of fashion.I really wished Kumar won the final game. We got on the car and Suresh asked Shiney to sit in the front and me at the back. I expected that from him for sure. Of course, he was getting a new chick.

When we reached his guest house, he started to behave weird with me.

Suresh: So, let’s all get in the shower.
Me: Suresh. You know that I don’t like group sex.

He excused Shiney and was talking to me in private.

Suresh: I know that you are not happy.
Me: Listen, I don’t mind you sleeping with that bitch. But don’t involve me in this shit.

S: You seemed very happy with this bet. Didn’t you? And you wanted Kumar to win. Didn’t you? Bitch.
Me: Why are you angry now?
S: Oh. A slut like you will go crazy and accept a girl swapping bet but I should not get angry after you behaving like a bitch. Right?
Me: You are crossing the line, Suresh.

S: What was the thing lacking? I bought you everything. After all these, you still wanted a new cock. Right?

Me: That’s it, Suresh. I am not going to take this shit anymore. I am not your slave if you have spent for my clothes. Moreover, you wanted me to wear this dress.

S: So, this is your punishment. You have three options. Let’s have a threesome, or you sit and watch me and Shiney having sex or leave but should give me all the clothes and walk out naked. I spent for these clothes. You bitch.

I was really pissed off. I had not other option. I just sat in the cushion chair and just crossed my legs.

He brought Shiney to the bedroom and both were taking off each other’s clothes. She really didn’t have any shame as she was getting fucked in front of me. She grabbed his cock first and was licking it all over. She licked it with a passion.

He was enjoying her blowjob and passed a smile to me. I just frowned my face and dropped my face down.

He grabbed her boobs and started to suck her nipples. Both were moaning out loud and I couldn’t help but watch them fucking. He was spanking her ass and she was calling his name while getting spanked. He immediately went to her pussy and was sucking her cunt hard. I closed my eyes as I was not interested to see any further.

Suddenly, Shiney grabbed my hands and took it away to reveal my face. I was so furious and was about to slap her hard but she hugged me tight and was kissing on my lips. She was completely naked. I pushed her away and slapped her on her face.

Suresh came there and took her to his bed. They resumed their sex and I sat on the chair again. While they were having sex, I took Shiney’s phone and copied Kumar’s number in mine.

Then, I texted something to Kumar and I will tell what happened next in my next post.

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