A Memorable Night With My Neighbour Aunty

Hi,aunties, bhabis, and girls of DesiTales. I have been following Indian sex stories on DesiTales from the last 2 years. It is a great platform to share our beautiful experiences.

My name is Danny and I am from Bangalore. This is my first sex story, so please excuse me for any mistakes. I would be glad to see your honest comment on [email protected]

Now let me narrate the story, which occurred last may with my neighbor aunty. I have moved to my new house the last Jan.

Her name is Angel (name changed for privacy) and she stays next door.Let me introduce her she is in her mid 30’s staying with her son and her husband works in Dubai. In the beginning, life was normal, even I had no bad intention towards her. We say hi hello. Whenever we come face to face. This went on for a couple of weeks.

Then she started to talk about my work my native so on.

One day she called me to her house to fix the new cylinder as she was afraid to fix, usually her brothers come and help her with that.

She was wearing a nighty that day and she was not wearing any bra underneath. I could easily see her nipples from her nighty which gave me an instant hard on. I fixed the regulator she offered me coffee had and left her place. From that day I kept thinking about her and masturbated few times.

One Saturday was having drinks in my room and someone knocked my door, when I opened it was her, I welcomed her inside she had come to talk as she was getting bored.

She told me her son had gone on a school trip. She saw me drinking and I asked her does she take drinks. She said she drinks beer sometimes whenever she feels sad. I offered her a beer which was in my fridge and she accepted to give a company.

After 2 glasses she was bit high and she started to open up. She said she is not happy in her life even though she is married she has to stay alone.

I consoled her and all of a sudden she pulled her chair near to mine and kept her head on my shoulder. I was in a shock and same time excited to see her so close. I put my hand around her shoulder and gave her a pat saying it will be ok and asked her she can ask me for any help as I’m here.

She lifted her head up looked at me and asked do you really help me. I said yes. Something came from nowhere. She said she was interested in me from the first day. I was on flying high as my whiskey too was kicking in.

She got up from her chair and sat on my lap and planted a kiss on my cheek. I have not got any chance better than this. I too planted a kiss and held her face with my both hands and planted a kiss on her lips. The beer was working on her. She got too aroused by my kiss and she started to respond.

I pulled her upper lip with mine and started biting it. She started to breathe heavily and she tightened her grip on me. My dick was hard and it was longing to come out of my shorts.

I slowly started to play with hair running my fingers along the hairs. Now my other hand was on her waist and I pinched her. She let out a small moan which was making me horny. We break up our kiss and both were gasping for air. She got up removed her nighty standing topless in front of me. Her boobs were of good size.

She came near me removed my t-shirt too. I too got up removed my shorts. Now both of us were on our undies. She again sat on my lap and we started kissing, I put my one hand on her back and started squeezing her boobs and with the other hand started to rub her pussy over the panty.

She was too turned on and started biting my lips and scratching my back with her nails. I got up hugging her and dragged her to my bed, threw her on bed came on top. Started to suck and lick her lips neck and ear.

I moved down and started to suck her lovely boobs and my hands were still on her panty.Kept on sucking her boobs and started my journey downwards licking her belly and belly button on my way down. By now she was fully turned and started talking dirty.Like fuuukkk me.. crush my boobs… Tear my pussy. She kept on murmuring.

I slowly started kissing her inner thighs and went on to kiss till her toe and did same with her other leg making sure not to touch her pussy. I got up and removed my brief to free my cock.It sprang out and saluted her. She touched it and said it’s big enough to satisfy her.I again jumped on the bed put my face between her legs and started to lick her pussy over the panty. I smelt a nice aroma from there and she was completely wet.

She raised her buttocks and I removed her panty, started to lick her pussy. She had gone crazy by my act as I was licking from bottom to the tip of her clit. She asked me to suck her clit and I obeyed. Started to suck her clit put my fingers in her honey hole and started moving up and down. She couldn’t hold longer and came in a flash with a huge orgasm. I came off and lied on the bed, she thanked me for the wonderful oral and said it’s my turn to payback.

She started her journey from my lips cheek neck and started to bite my nipples. She took my cock in her hand and started to play with it for a while and moved down and took it in her mouth. She was a good at blowing me.She was sucking my cock and caressing my balls. She was doing it roughly.

She pulled my foreskin completely and started licking and biting the tip.One way it was paining and it was giving pleasure too. I asked her to stop and moved to missionary position and inserted my cock in her hole. It was little tight as it wasn’t used for some 6 months but as she was well lubricated I had no problem.

I started to pump her in missionary position and then turned her made her sleep on her belly and entered from behind. We continued for 5 mins then I asked her to come on her knees and started banging her in doggy style.

Again I changed my position and asked her to come and ride me. She took full control and she started to ride like a pro.

After 15 mins of intense fucking, we both were on verge of climax. She came in a gush letting out a loud moan.I took out my cock asked to sit on her knees on the floor and sprayed all my load on her face and boobs.We laid down on the bed for 30 mins hugging each other tightly.

She took me to the bathroom we both freshened up and came back. She stayed with me for the whole night and we had 2 more sessions. She thanked me for the wonderful night and left my house early morning.

This continued for few month and then she moved to her in-laws’ place. I am missing her badly these days.

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