Me And my Wife Myra

This is a real sex story. This is what happened between me and my love, my wife Myra. Our very first time, and hell yeah, that was the moment God made me for. This will come in episodes. So please stay tuned.

Episode – 1

Well, we were virgins when I proposed marriage and we decide to be it that way till we were married. She also made it a rule that I’d never kiss her until we were really married. It, of course, was disappointing, yet stirring. I always tried to get a private moment with her and always moved very close to her, kiss her on the forehead and cheek and tense her thus, and then let her escape. This was only what I could before marriage.

On the day of our fist night, that was on the day of the marriage itself, the so-called auspicious time was fixed at about 9 pm. However all the practices in the marriage went up till after 7 pm, and thus we were very tired.

So when I was sent into the bedroom, and she just came in – the queen of mine – all dolled up and looking so damn beautiful that I never wanted to touch her or stop looking at her. I knew she was tired, so I just kissed her on the forehead like every time and said “Baby, you need to sleep. I have my whole life left to make you totally mine.” She looked at me and was quite surprised, she was kind of happy too. She then asked me, “Umm…. are you sure ?” I said I was, and then we changed into comfortable clothes and she fell asleep.

All night, I couldn’t help but think when I was holding her in my arms, and worship her; for apart from being extremely beautiful, she was 5 – 7″ (I was 6), she had a stunning figure of 36-24-38 and brains that any man would definitely fall for. Finally, the exertion got the better out of me and I slept too.

In the morning, we woke up quite early, by 7 AM in the morning. As my mother opened the bedroom door to let her out, she was aghast why Myra was not in her Saree. She just whispered something in Myra’s ear, and she looked worried. I asked Myra what it was, but she said nothing and went to bath and get ready; well I was really happy that finally, Myra was gonna live with me forever. I too got ready.

While Myra was putting on some jewellery I went up right behind her and stood very close to her, that I was totally touching her. She looked at me from the mirror, and I helped her fasten her necklace. I put her earrings, bangles as well; in the meantime caressing every inch of her smooth skin I could lay my hands upon. She twitched a little with my every move and was blushing, I was looking at her, but she was not of course. And finally, when I let go of her, she hurriedly walked past me and went out of the room.

I too went out and we had to finish some prayers before we could eat something. She was seating beside me on my left and I held her right hand under the table and never let go though she was trying hard; until my Father asked her why she was not taking a bite.

She just replied that she was waiting till I start with a beautiful smile on her face, that both my mom and dad were all very smiling. After we finished dinner, my mother took Myra away and my father said that he wanted to talk to me about something important. Myra was going to the temple with my mother. My father then asked me what we did last night. I blushed and I said we just slept.

He asked if there was any problem to which I replied I was very tired and just wanted to sleep, adding that there was just no hurry for things to happen. He simply said that I’d realize what the hurry was very soon. He said no more and left to the study room.

I was stunned at what just transpired and was very much confused. I just made some calls to my office. Here I’d like to add that I have a very very high paying job and so does my wife and we own huge beautiful houses in our home town and place of work that have added necessary excitement in our sex lives.

When my Queen returned, I sensed that there was some trouble, however, I couldn’t say much and she was busy doing other prayers and meeting up relatives. Finally, after dinner, I was all ready. I was just totally thinking how to proceed for I didn’t actually what to do, for as I told, I never even touched her lips.


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