Me And my Wife Myra

This is a real sex story. This is what happened between me and my love, my wife Myra. Our very first time, and hell yeah, that was the moment God made me for. This will come in episodes. So please stay tuned.

Episode – 1

Well, we were virgins when I proposed marriage and we decide to be it that way till we were married. She also made it a rule that I’d never kiss her until we were really married. It, of course, was disappointing, yet stirring. I always tried to get a private moment with her and always moved very close to her, kiss her on the forehead and cheek and tense her thus, and then let her escape. This was only what I could before marriage.

On the day of our fist night, that was on the day of the marriage itself, the so-called auspicious time was fixed at about 9 pm. However all the practices in the marriage went up till after 7 pm, and thus we were very tired.

So when I was sent into the bedroom, and she just came in – the queen of mine – all dolled up and looking so damn beautiful that I never wanted to touch her or stop looking at her. I knew she was tired, so I just kissed her on the forehead like every time and said “Baby, you need to sleep. I have my whole life left to make you totally mine.” She looked at me and was quite surprised, she was kind of happy too. She then asked me, “Umm…. are you sure ?” I said I was, and then we changed into comfortable clothes and she fell asleep.

All night, I couldn’t help but think when I was holding her in my arms, and worship her; for apart from being extremely beautiful, she was 5 – 7″ (I was 6), she had a stunning figure of 36-24-38 and brains that any man would definitely fall for. Finally, the exertion got the better out of me and I slept too.

In the morning, we woke up quite early, by 7 AM in the morning. As my mother opened the bedroom door to let her out, she was aghast why Myra was not in her Saree. She just whispered something in Myra’s ear, and she looked worried. I asked Myra what it was, but she said nothing and went to bath and get ready; well I was really happy that finally, Myra was gonna live with me forever. I too got ready.

While Myra was putting on some jewellery I went up right behind her and stood very close to her, that I was totally touching her. She looked at me from the mirror, and I helped her fasten her necklace. I put her earrings, bangles as well; in the meantime caressing every inch of her smooth skin I could lay my hands upon. She twitched a little with my every move and was blushing, I was looking at her, but she was not of course. And finally, when I let go of her, she hurriedly walked past me and went out of the room.

I too went out and we had to finish some prayers before we could eat something. She was seating beside me on my left and I held her right hand under the table and never let go though she was trying hard; until my Father asked her why she was not taking a bite.

She just replied that she was waiting till I start with a beautiful smile on her face, that both my mom and dad were all very smiling. After we finished dinner, my mother took Myra away and my father said that he wanted to talk to me about something important. Myra was going to the temple with my mother. My father then asked me what we did last night. I blushed and I said we just slept.

He asked if there was any problem to which I replied I was very tired and just wanted to sleep, adding that there was just no hurry for things to happen. He simply said that I’d realize what the hurry was very soon. He said no more and left to the study room.

I was stunned at what just transpired and was very much confused. I just made some calls to my office. Here I’d like to add that I have a very very high paying job and so does my wife and we own huge beautiful houses in our home town and place of work that have added necessary excitement in our sex lives.

When my Queen returned, I sensed that there was some trouble, however, I couldn’t say much and she was busy doing other prayers and meeting up relatives. Finally, after dinner, I was all ready. I was just totally thinking how to proceed for I didn’t actually what to do, for as I told, I never even touched her lips.

I was pretty nervous on how to proceed with touching her whole body without making it strange. I was waiting and waiting for her to be back, but she never seemed to come.Finally, the door knob turned and I was watching intently at the door for I wanted to have my Queen in my arms.

I was shocked shit when instead of Myra, my Dad walked in. He said to me “Sid, Tough luck. There are no auspicious moments for 4 more months.” I thought he was joking and laughed hard.

And then, he looked at me with pity on his face and said, “Son, that was serious. Turn the lights off and sleep”. I was aghast, I was mad at myself. I was cursing myself for having slept off the day before. But then I told myself that my Queen was tired too and I would have only been terrible to make love to her when she was very tired and consoled myself.

Next day, dad woke up at 5 AM for his morning walk. Myra walked into my room at about 7 AM all dolled up once again. I too was ready then for I couldn’t sleep.

She avoided looking at me. But I went to her and she turned and hugged me for the first time ever and said, ‘Sorry babe, you gotta wait up.’ She let go of me and I was seriously wishing he hugged me for some more time. And she was putting up some jewelry, she then asked me ‘By the way, were you really sleepy that day, I mean…’ I cut her off saying ‘What? You were tired that day and so I just let it be.’

She just looked at me and said ‘Hello, I was so damn ready and waiting for the first night. I even asked you if you really wanted me to sleep. ‘ And she stormed out of the room.I was shocked. So finally everything was just happening because of me. Right, I deserved this punishment.

After a week we had to return to our work, and I and Myra had to stay alone in our house at our city of work. We took two different bedrooms and we had an aunt supervising us. She thankfully didn’t live with us, she lived in her own house.

Four months seemed never ending to me because Myra was with me all day long, at home and in office; except in bed and I really wanted her there too.

We had a pet dog as well. Myra was always fully dressed so that I would not get any sudden ideas. We have a pool in our house, and we always swam at different timings those 4 months.

One day I went jogging in a nearby park, and I returned home. I went to Myra’s room and noticed that the door was slightly ajar, otherwise locked from inside.

I thought she might not be in for the door was open. I just went it. I can never forget what I saw till this day.

My queen was in ultra shorts and a sports bra, she was practicing power yoga and she looked downright sexy with those bloody hot legs. I never ever saw her in such very little clothes and I just savored every bit of what I saw. I was only thinking of what all I’d do to her and I totally hardened. So I just tiptoed out and went to my room. I bathed, got ready and went to the dining room.

Myra was already there and was serving breakfast. I just told her, ‘Queen, I want to kiss you.’ She immediately said no. I just argued with her and finally settled to 3 kisses before our first night. I said, ‘How about one now?’ She said ‘You’d wish you had one more left later if you waste it right now.’

From that day onwards, she was very careful not to let me hang near her. But whenever she was cooking, I would always play ‘You are so beautiful’ and ‘I wanna fuck you’ songs. I would suddenly increase the volume to catch her attention. And this was only what I could ever do.

Our first kiss came two weeks from then. In the evening I was watching some porn and I went to Myra’s room after dinner. It was unlocked. I just went and stood behind the curtains, so that I could surprise her.

I was more than surprised when she came out from the bathroom, she just showered. She was in a red bathing suit which ended at her thighs and she was blowing her hair in front of the mirror. She was looking like zillion dollar bucks.

She was also singing a seductive say with all the special emphasis as if she were really singing to me and I just lost it.I went to her from behind and looked into the mirror.

She looked up at me from the mirror and was tensed. I just pulled her towards me and pinned her to the wall. I held her face with both my hands and kissed her passionately.This was my first kiss ever and so was hers. But I’d say it was magical. She didn’t respond that very well, she didn’t know too.

I kissed her until she pushed me away and said she was out of breath. I wanted to do it again, but she said that that would be wasting the second one and ordered me out.

I must say Myra is actually dominating and rules me (hence I call her Queen). But she took a back seat and made me lead her during all romance and sex. Her domination would die the moment I lay my hands on her or go very near her. I really loved it. So when I really pissed her off or made her angry, I would try romantic stuff with her, not a kiss though.

After the first, she was guarded more than ever, and this actually damaged her door knob, which I came to know later. One day, about 6 weeks after our first kiss, I was again watching porn and I was turned on. I just wanted to cool the heat off and went out of my room.

The adjacent room is Myra’s, I saw the door slightly open. And I thought that I’d kiss her again and so I totally tiptoed into her room. She was sitting with her back towards me and was watching something on the laptop and was having her headphones on.

So I relaxed and walked to her and went behind her close enough to see what she was doing. She was watching a video on how to kiss. I laughed to myself and I went round to her. She suddenly fidgeted, closed her laptop and removed her earphones and stood up with a questioning look.

I put my hands on her waist, and I assure you, they were the curviest things I’ve had ever seen. My hands fitted perfectly in those curves. She had goose bumps.

I said, ‘Theory is fine babe. But it is only practice that makes anyone perfect. Now show me what you have learned’.She was shocked to hear that and I held her face in my hands, kissed her. She took some moments before she responded and hell, she was better, very much better this time.

I kissed her for a long time until she was really gasping for breath. I let go of her and she just asked me to get out. I said ‘Good, you learned your theory well, make sure you practice.’ I winked at her and said ‘The more you try staying guarded, the more no. of times I’d feel wanting to kiss you more than 3 times’.

She was from then, quite fine with me and I took this opportunity to romance her and try kissing her every time, but I never wanted to waste the third kiss and also I never wanted to break our agreement. In the beginning of the fourth month, on a holiday, we were invited to our boss’s house for lunch.

Myra was dressing up and so was I in our respective rooms. I obviously finished first and went to check o her, her door was yet again ajar. I hesitated, but eventually went it; I saw Myra, trying to put on a saree and the pallu was not on yet. Her blouse was exposed to me and I was aroused.

I just walked toward hers, and she slowly walked backward. I was nearing her and she was nearing the wall. She hit the wall and I closed in on her. I kissed her and kissed her very much and she too did it and was really good this time.

And when we parted, she was blushing and I was looking into her eyes and then focused onto her boobs. I knew that those were lemons, watermelons rather; and I was only thrilled to know that this was what I was gonna get.

She pushed me away and tried adjusting her saree. But then, I caught her waist from behind and said ‘Queen, I can’t wait to savour you inch by inch’ in her ear. I was about to kiss her neck when a phone call interrupted us. Our boss was waiting for us and we rushed.

As days passed, adrenaline was pumping and I started reading about sex, better ways to have sex, better positions, and other stuff. 4 months passed.

Now it was a matter of days. We had to wait for the better suiting day. A week passed with my mother and Myra extensively talking on the phone. She said that it was about some prayers. And that day, in the night, I said, ‘Babe, I am going for a swim, come sit by the pool’.

She came and sat by the in a few minutes and I was already swimming when she arrived. She was in a knee length pink frock, I gifted her that that day. I was thrilled.

So I just swam underwater and emerged at the place where she was sitting. She was excited as well. She was an excellent swimmer and I pulled her down into the pool by her legs and in the commotion that occurred, I touched her breast with my palm.Everything froze for a moment.

We both were looking into each other’s eyes. She must have sensed the passion in my eyes, for she pushed me away and was going away from me as well. But then, I held her firmly around the waist with my hand and pulled her back to me. She was looking at me with an amalgamation of shock and anger.

I just kissed her and I somehow slipped my hand onto her legs, the thighs and raised my hand further and pressed her ass. At that point, she bit my lip and I knew I excited her.She just shoved me away and started going out of the pool. I followed her.

She went into my bedroom by mistake and when she turned to go out, I was there, just in my swimwear. Both she and I were wet and this totally made me lose control and I bolted the door behind me. She neither moved nor said anything, she was just looking down at the floor.

I walked straight up to her and kissed her, the 5th time (yes, I broke the agreement that day) overall. I French kissed her next while pressing her waist with both hands and pinching them, and she dug her nails into my back.

I just lifted her in both my arms and carried her to my king sized bed. I lay her on it and I lay on her. A wave of current swept through me. She was bloody sexy and I could feel it. I kissed her yet again and I kissed every inch of her face.

Next, I was down to her neck and bit and kissed it equally well. During all this, her dress came down a bit and I could see a tiny bit of her cleavage and I just started kissing it vigorously. And I went back to her lips.

Then I lay on my back and pulled her towards onto me and before I was just about to kiss her, she rose back and got up from the bed. She just opened the door and went out. I was enraged.

I went back right after her and asked her what was wrong. She said that everything was wrong and that we should sleep in our respective bedrooms. I just lost cool and shouted, ‘All this your fault Myra. You seduce me every instant.’I went out of her room and went to her room again after 30 mins. She was packing her bags. I asked her what she was doing.

She said, ‘Yes, everything is my fault and I’ll stay at Meera Aunty’s house until you can do what you want to do because of my seduction.’ I said nothing to this. I knew I couldn’t control anymore. I just wanted to make love to her that very instant. I knew she was right in taking that decision. I let her go.


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