One Night Stand With Friend

Hi all,

I know what you all babes and boys are reading now.It’s my story :p

Pardon me for mistakes.I’m a newbie in writing.Here I go.

I have got so many online girlfriends but Priya is the girl whom I had decided to meet. We met in peperonity.Our chats turned into love but we had agreed to a short-term relationship only.She needed me for a long time.I know I couldn’t marry her, I don’t want to cheat her in the name of love.Hence we have decided to stop our online relationship.

But it all started after few months when I got a transfer to Bangalore.Btw I’m working for an MNC in Bangalore.Priya was working for a bank in Bangalore.She is an average girl with nice structure.Her smile being the best part that’s the common in between us.Both of our lips are small and so cute.We both like kisses so much.

.I was given a hotel for my accommodation from the company.I was living alone in ma room.So I texted Priya on the first-day night.She showed a special interest.She kept on asking me “am I staying alone and where I’m staying” “Whether guests are allowed in ma room ” these texts were turning me on.We decided to meet and we had intense sex chat on that day.

Next day I picked her from the white field.We got into Volvo.She sat next to me.We held each other hands and we kept on talking blah blah.I gave a gentle kiss on her shoulder.She smiled and kept her head on ma shoulder.We needed one room. We were craving for privacy.

We reached my hotel.I kissed her in the lift.We started kissing in the lift.As we reached our room we grabbed each other and started sucking each other mouth.I sucked her mouth completely for 5 mins and I keep on crushing her boobs madly.I hugged her so tightly and gave her a strong smooth.She helped me in removing her t-shirt and jeans.I removed my pant and took her to the sofa.She sat on my lap facing me her legs wrapped around ma waist.I was feeling my hard cock intruding her ass.She loved it.I asked her to open her mouth fully and I sucked her mouth completely for so long.We drank each other saliva.

I removed my underwear and I made her lay on ma sofa made her spread her legs.Her pussy was unshaved and dark.She was spreading her legs as wider as she can.I kept a pillow beneath her back for deeper penetration and I licked her pussy gently.She kept on brushing ma hairs softly.She was raising her hip and pushing ma head towards her pussy.I rubbed her pussy with ma face.And sucked her pussy.I kept on sucking her pussy madly.She was moaning and puling ma hairs.

We both climaxed in short time.But it was not enough for us.She had to leave for some work but she had promised me that she will come tonight

We met again as promised.We took dinner and played all night.We had come many times on that night.My bed was damn wet-

We slept nicely with no thoughts.I got up at 8 am she was still sleeping with no clothes in between us.I kept ma head in between her legs and licked her salty pussy for some time.She was moaning with pleasure I ate her pussy.Sucked her pussy as deep as I can.

We took bath and got ready for something special.Tantric yoni massage.

We did not stay in the bath as long as I might have desired, as my guide.We moved to the bed, where I invited her to lie face down upon the table, resting my head on a fresh towel and firm pillow. Having already removed my robe, my modesty was now partially protected by a towel running lengthwise across my midsection

Beginning at her shoulders, I applied lavish quantities of oil upon my body then rubbed along her back, sides and up toward the sides of her breasts. With her hands extended over her head, I found myself anticipating more. Soon, I found her crying silently for more.

Eventually, it became time to remove the solitary towel, her body now crying out for exploration. My well-oiled hands began to stroke along her buttocks; exploring up and down the crease; moving from her labia to my rosebud.Occasionally I would grasp her labial lips, holding them for a prolonged moment. This was an extremely sensual experience for me and the receiver.She was arching her back to allow better access to my clit.

By now, my fingers had made it to most of the intimate parts of her body. Simultaneously massaging her clitoris, one finger firmly atop her rosebud, with another inserted into her yoni. Soon, she was “riding the wave” of back-to-back orgasms.

I began to massage her breasts, then her inner thigh. Removing the towel now exposed her smooth and freshly waxed private area. Including her swollen clitoris, which now presented itself for attention. Her goddess spot was explored her release felt endless.

Will be explained

To be continued.

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