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I Love This Encounter

By spartacus On 2009-10-30 Tags:

Hello readers, this is Gigolo, I am a system engineer in a giant MNC and working in Pune. Basically I’m from Mumbai. I’ll narrate about my experience with a horny girl with whom I had sex in the train bogie itself. There is a proverb that girls and ladies behave in strange ways; rather nobody […]

Ex-Girflriend To My Whore

By spartacus On 2009-10-29 Tags:

Hi I am a regular ISS Reader and i want to Share my real Life Story With you! I am Shankar(name Changed)I live in Mumbai and I am 19years old. Let me Describe you About me a Little Bit…I Am fair, about 5’6 and Athletic Physic…! This Story Happened While I was comeback Home…The Buses […]

Sexing With Sexy Aunty

By spartacus On 2009-10-28 Tags:

Hi everyone, being a regular reader of ISS I know how interesting it gets knowing others’ experiences or fantasies and then imagining yourself in those situations. Here I am sharing my experience – the fun I had during my college days. Let me describe myself, I won’t say I have a very muscular body but […]


By spartacus On 2009-10-27 Tags:

This is a real story of my new neighbor Shikha, a Real Punjabi female. It was summer vacation. I was alone at home since everyone from my family had gone to pune. My mom requested our neighbor Shikha to give me food for those 15 days. Shikha was a very good lady; by nature as […]

Goofy And My Wife

By spartacus On 2009-10-26 Tags:

Hello friends. The story which I am going to write is little longer in length. But let me assure you, you will love it and your cock or pussy will be hard or wet. So enjoy. My wife of 12 years looked great as she slid her costume over her full breasts and nice round […]

My First Experience

By spartacus On 2009-10-25 Tags:

Hay guys! I am Atendra and today for the first time I will share my experience when I became a man from a boy. But first of all I shall identify myself. Presently after completion of my MBA I am working in a MNC giant and staying at Delhi. Today I shall share the experience […]

Kerala Houseboat Pleasure

By spartacus On 2009-10-24 Tags:

I had been in india for 2 weeks. I had travelled from mumbai by train and driven all round kerala with my indian guide. My guide took me to meet the houseboat that was to be my home for then next 6 days. I was looking forward to the tranquillity of the backwaters of kerala […]

Seducing Sara

By spartacus On 2009-10-23 Tags:

I’m ramesh completed my college n working… i’m working in chennai, tamil nadu …. I’m 27 yrs old and have a normal body…. And 5 11 height…. I had this sexual encounter there in chennai … it was with my friend… her name is sara… she is of same age as me…..she have a very […]


By spartacus On 2009-10-22 Tags:

Standing in line at the meat counter of the local market, i couldn’t keep my eyes off the attractive young woman waiting ahead of me. She was wearing churidar that perfectly displayed her fine young form. Over the years i had met far more interesting women in food markets, fabric stores. Purse fell from her […]

The Revenge

By spartacus On 2009-10-21 Tags:

Honourable high court judge meenakshi was in her mid to late 40s. She has done well for herself; she was a district courts judge at the time when the poor man was wrongly accused of the rape. Since then, she has been appointed to the higher judicial position. She was destined for bigger things in […]

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