Couple sex stories involving horny husbands banging their wives, friend’s mom getting fucked by teenager, father fucking his daughter’s sexy young friend, Indian wives cheating their husbands by fucking their boyfriends.

Great Sex With Aunt

By spartacus On 2010-08-21 Tags:

My name is Rann, am 38 yrs age. In all my young days till now am quite attracted to matured lady’s specially who are friendly and thinks life is for once , and a person can only live up to his / her given time , and want to enjoy fully out of it. One […]

Learn To Drive

By spartacus On 2010-08-20 Tags:

Hi friends since long I am regular reader of ISS. Every time I read I think that all are imagination of the writer, but few days back I myself had such incident, which make me to b here. First of all let me introduce myself I am 35 year old married lady I live in […]

Happy To Be In Coimbatore

By spartacus On 2010-08-19 Tags:

I am narrating a true incident which happened two months ago. My name is Vicky. i am from Coimbatore, age 24. I had a very close friend and her name was Archana. She was staying in her aunt’s house as we both were hunting for a job at that time. In her house both her […]

RAC Pleasure

By spartacus On 2010-08-18 Tags:

I am Santhi Prakash, a 34-years old married woman. I’ve been married for the past 8 years have a 6 years old daughter too. My husband works as admin personnel in a company at Mumbai, while I stay at Chennai, working as a cashier in a private company and my child studies in a school […]

Neighbor Kid Seduces Me

By spartacus On 2010-08-17 Tags:

Hi this is my first story to this site. Forgive my mistakes if any. My name is Latha. I live near Cochin in Kerala. I choose not to disclose my exact place. I am 42 years old and am happily married to Mukesh. We have one daughter Kavya who is doing her Engineering in Calicut. […]

Wife & Husband Pleasure

By spartacus On 2010-08-14 Tags:

I am from Mumbai my name is Kathen A….. I read many stories of these columns. So decide to entry mine too this my first time so it will be lengthy but u will get all in one nutshell along with my wife add her illicit experiences. My parents are from Delhi outskirt since birth […]

Autobiography Of A Bastard – Part II

By spartacus On 2010-08-13 Tags:

Hello dear readers, I have brought a hot story which you will like as you have loved my previous stories. Please send your feedback at [email protected] I recall the time when the orphanage that house me was shut down due to lack of fund. It was in Kudh, J & K in India. I was […]

Fucking My Neighbor & Her Daughter

By spartacus On 2010-08-12 Tags:

Hi and Hello to all readers. My Name is Shiva. I am from Chennai. And this my first story to you all. “Jayalakshmi, is my neighbor. I was fucking her from 10.11.2008. We have fucking sessions till today ( I will submit to you that story after wards ). After sex with “Jaya, we move […]

My Sexiest Neighbor

By spartacus On 2010-08-11 Tags:

I am Ravi from Anantapur. I am 21 years unmarried horny male. I had always an urge for secret sex with a married female. As I was chatting on one of those sexy chat rooms I met a sexy married lady we had a very sexy chat and she was interested in meeting me but […]


By spartacus On 2010-08-10 Tags:

Hi , I am Kumar, back again with another recent sex encounter, which happened about 6 months ago with my neighbor. About a year or so a new neighbor settled beside our house. They had a small family of 4 members, the head of the member Mr. Ravi whom I called as brother, his wife […]

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