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Padose Wali Pari

By spartacus On 2011-07-27 Tags:

I am Sameer 32 yrs old married leading a good life. Sex was normal between us and we enjoy it. I always desired for at least one woman in my life other than my wife for sexual desire. My eyes always look for a woman with good assets. I always fantasize woman sucking their nipples, […]

Wife’s Colleauge Quenched Her Thirst

By spartacus On 2011-07-26 Tags:

Hi I am Ashok and am sharing a true sexy moments which I had a few days ago with my wife’s school colleague and her name is Shalini and she is from Chennai itself and was the maths teacher in the school and she used teach higher classes We were staying in Chennai due to […]

The Lustful Housewife

By spartacus On 2011-07-25 Tags:

Hello friends I am going to tell a story which is indeed a real true story of one of my friend and it is happened in his life almost 20 years back but it is very interesting and erotic. This is a story of a businessman named Anand and her wife Anupama and living in […]

Dreaded House Visit

By spartacus On 2011-07-23 Tags:

As Mohini got up that day, an excitement ran through her. Her beloved, her beau, her dear husband Prem was returning from a 6 month company project in the Silicone Valley, US. She could remember the last time she shared some intimate moments with her husband, Prem. She shuddered with the memories of that night. […]

Stranger Fucked Me In Bus

By spartacus On 2011-07-21 Tags:

My name is Reshma and I work for a mnc. Once a male staff from the office was to be going to Hyderabad but due to certain reasons he was unable to go. So, the office sent me instead, I had to go by a bus. Since the ticket was booked for my male colleague, […]

My Tenant And Me

By spartacus On 2011-07-20 Tags:

I have a tenant who stays in the ground floor of my bungalow while my husband and I stay on the first floor. The tenants are a family of 4, husband and wife are about 50 years, the husband’s mother and their son who is around 19 years. The boy, his name is Vijay, is […]

Factory Women And Pharmacist

By spartacus On 2011-07-19 Tags:

Hi iss reader I am Jwala from Katmandu Nepal ,I am new in hear this is my first story in ISS.  I start to read story from last 25 days I read almost 400 stories in that time. After reading these stories I decide to sear my experience in ISS at first I want to […]

The Honest Wife

By spartacus On 2011-07-18 Tags:

I have read many of the stories on here and finally feel comfortable telling my own unique situation. I am a 37 y/o white male and my Indian wife Priya is 32. She is very pretty, 5-1 100 lbs and very nice demeanor. We have been married for 8+ years after she came to US […]

Sex For Charity

By spartacus On 2011-07-13 Tags:

Hi my name is Pooja 27 year’s old very fair complexion, 5”2 inch short height and slim body of 32-26-36, my best feature is my hips and my pouty lips, I just got married recently, my hubby works in a bank, he got his promotion immediately after our wedding. Our sex life was great, raj […]

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