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A call boy story

By spartacus On 2009-09-03 Tags:

Hi this is Rit from Guwahati. This is my 1st story with all you people and I have 3 clients at Guwahati all through my 1st client. I am not a good writer and this is my 1st story so there may be some mistake in words for describing my story than I am sorry […]

Sex starved Pooja

By spartacus On 2009-09-01 Tags:

My name’s Pooja. I’ve been married for 6 years now. My husband Ravi is a handsome tall guy with innocent eyes. He was forced to marry me, he confessed later. Ravi was never into women he is a gay and madly in love with a guy named Rohit. After our marriage my in laws made […]

Blown With Shilpa

By spartacus On 2009-08-29 Tags:

Hi ISS readers. I am a regular reader of this site. I read almost all the stories. Now I am posting mine. I am 24 years old from Hyderabad. this story is about a 26 yrs old married lady with whom I have already spent a lot of time together, enjoying her beautiful body, making […]

Sneha’s Ass Hole

By spartacus On 2009-08-28 Tags:

Sneha, the well known actress surprisingly came for that interview. It was the dream for Sneha to act in the add of the well famous shopping mall at Chennai. Many models across Mumbai also have come for that interview. So Sneha was little less confidence about her performance. But she should get this add. Because […]

Sex with Rani

By spartacus On 2009-08-24 Tags:

Hi to all . Mannu from gorakhpur .you all had read my stories and i got lot of mails from readers . Out of those few were willing to go for a wild & hard sex , but they don’t have confidence on them self to move ahead with there feelings or even get wild […]

Boobs in Bus

By spartacus On 2009-08-18 Tags:

Hi to all readers. I am Raj, 24, I am regular reader of ISS and this is my first story to it. This happened just 2 months ago. Due to my job I have to travel lot and this happened when I was back from Singapore and was having a hectic schedule ahead. I came […]

Home coming 2

By spartacus On 2009-08-17 Tags:

Here is Raman again at your service with the second part of my story Homecoming. Vasu did not know where his life was leading him to. There was his mom, naked as she was born, her boobs heaving u and down as his hands travelled all over her bare body. Shanti moaned at the touch […]

Wife being fucked by colleague 2

By spartacus On 2009-08-09 Tags:

I am back once again. My name is Anil. I know u must have read my last story of my wife getting fucked by her own colleague. Now this is second part of the story. After seeing my wife getting fucked by her colleague Suresh i parted my relationship with her but we continued living […]

Karan plays with his friends mom Part – 1 HOT!

By spartacus On 2009-08-07 Tags:

Hello all ISS readers… Only at the end I realized that the story is lengthy. But be patient and I’m sure you will enjoy it. This story is not a real one but just a work of fiction. I got this idea by translating the things that I imagine while masturbating into words. I’m sorry […]

Call boy

By spartacus On 2009-08-06 Tags:

I was 32 when I got married and he was 35 and he is a software eng. So he rarely gets a chance to fuck me and after two years of marriage he is in us for some project. I live alone in a apartment so I thought to have sex with someone who can […]

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