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Oor Talaivar With My Wife

By spartacus On 2009-12-17 Tags:

My name is baskaran. Hi I am working in gulf. Two years back I married a village girl. Her mother was a keep to the Oor Thalaivar. Even hearing all such things from the villagers I married that girl. She was a virgin when I married her. When I enquired my wife about her mother […]

The Holiday at Simla

By spartacus On 2009-12-16 Tags:

DAY 1 Khan couldn’t get the image of Salma’s face from his mind as he looked down from the high mountain ridge at the steep and winding ski trail. He was angry and depressed, he pointed his ski tips straight down and set off at a breakneck pace. He went dangerously fast into his turns, […]

New Found Love

By spartacus On 2009-12-15 Tags:

This is the true narration of a happening in my life. Off course I know that I am not a professional writer nor do I claim it but sure thing is that I have tried to write it down as it happened with the help of some understanding of basic human nature and some of […]

Sex With Savita in Theater

By spartacus On 2009-12-14 Tags:

Hi friends I am a great fan of ISS and I read the stories regularly from this site so I decided to write my story which happened with my girlfriend by name savita (name changed)in a theater in Mumbai,she was studying 12th and I was studying IT in the same college I was also […]

Best Exprerience With Marathi Girl

By spartacus On 2009-12-13 Tags:

Hi I m nyne,28,Mumbai. Thanks for giving wonderful replies to my first story. This is 100% original and real story of my life happened in Ahmednagar in 2005. I married in 2004. I had a friend namely Prajakta ( Name Change ), from my childhood. She lived in a different city than my town. But […]

A Sexy Time

By spartacus On 2009-12-12 Tags:

My name is Prarthana. I am 29 now and a happy housewife. People generally say that Female when they touch their 30s seem more sexier and i always wanted to maintain that. I was fit even after a child. My husband Neeraj is 34 and has his own share trading business. I live in Calcutta […]

Hottest Pussy Of My Cousin Sister

By spartacus On 2009-12-11 Tags:

Hi Friends,This is rahul, Male 25 hyderabad and Moderator of Kamasutra Groups. Here I am posting a new real, hot and spicy sex encounter which happened with me few years ago with my cousin sister in hyderababd.It was a Saturday not unlike any other Saturday in mid May, the weather warm and fresh, the blossoms […]

Two Sisters & Threesome

By spartacus On 2009-12-10 Tags:

My name is Murad, was twenty three old at the time.Six feet height well built physique.My friends consider me handsome.Names has been changed in this true incident for obvious reason.I was doing my post graduation in a famous south Asian city.I don’t want to mention the city name.Our family has a two bedroom flat here.We […]

Honeymoon Continues

By spartacus On 2009-12-08 Tags:

Hi my name is abhi i m from jaipur mail me [email protected] As her quick nap after the steamy fucking ended, Sheela rolled over in the bed. Her long, graceful arms reached out to hold her husband, but only found emptiness on his side of the bed. She pushed her tired eyes open and stared […]

Handsome Union

By spartacus On 2009-12-08 Tags:

I am a 39 y/o married mother of two and a graduate student at a university in the Northeast area of the US. I am taking classes that only require me to be on campus once a month for a week at time. The rest of the time I am buried in books and online […]

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